Stepping out of your comfort zone and understanding one another is the best chance to open your mind and grow as a global citizen. IE University is the perfect place to embrace this amazing opportunity.

Chen-hao Ho, China

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Chen-hao Ho

About me

I discovered IE University when some representatives visited my school, and from then on, I knew I wanted to study there. I knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and open my mind to other cultures and languages, so IE University seemed like the perfect choice for me. Now here, and living in Segovia, I stand true to my decision and I am looking forward to seeing what moving to Madrid next year and studying there will bring also. I am interested in pursuing a career in Marketing, and thanks to the small classes and amazing professors at IE University, I am sure this dream will become a reality.

Chen-hao Ho , China


University Student

Chen-hao Ho understands the core values we strive to achieve at IE University. Having made the remarkable decision to move from Shanghai to study here, Chen-hao Ho has adapted extremely well to life in Spain, embracing both the culture and lifestyle changes that studying here brings. With his heart set on a career in marketing, we are sure that Chen-hao Ho’s courage and ambition will lead him to achieving his career goals. This, combined with his globally aware mindset, will be able to lift Chen-hao Ho to new heights and make an impact within an international-professional landscape.

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