“I chose IE University because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I had a feeling it was the right place for me—and now I can say I definitely made the right choice by coming here.”

Christopher, Mexico

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Christopher Miranda

About me

My name is Christopher Miranda and I’m a 20-year-old Bachelor in Business Administration student at IE University’s Madrid Campus. I’m proud to be Mexican, having lived all my life there before coming to Madrid. In fact, before I was “allowed” to visit any other country, my father insisted on taking us to visit all the states of Mexico! Now at IE University, I feel that I am developing into the professional I have always wanted to be. It was always my dream university and I’m grateful that I’ve also been able to develop my personal passions here, becoming involved with several sports and business initiatives.

Christopher Miranda, Mexico


Undergraduate Student

Taking every opportunity to break into the industry

For Chirsopther Miranda, coming to IE University involved taking a step out of his comfort zone. While many of his peers opted to stay in his home country of Mexico for higher education, Christopher was sure that he wanted an international experience where he’d have a fresh start, building his own path. In the end, the decision to realize a long-standing dream of attending IE University came down to a gut feeling—he just knew it was the right fit.

Now in his junior year of the Bachelor in Business Administration, Christopher is reaping the benefits of his educational endeavors so far. In particular, he believes he has become more efficient, self-sufficient, and independent throughout his program, where the experience has positively changed his mentality. What’s more, Christopher feels he has been fortunate to meet unique people from a range of different backgrounds, sparking memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

As someone who is naturally inclined towards new projects and goals, Christopher has been sure to use his IE University years to join clubs and expand his network. A stint as the Social Media Coordinator for the IE Rotaract Segovia Club gave him the opportunity to apply learnings from his course in an NGO context, using digital skills to deliver social impact. Enthusiastic to honor his sporting interests at IE University—having played third division professional soccer back home in Mexico—Christopher also became the Coordinator of IE Sports Business Club. The experience opened up a world of professional contacts in the industry, including companies such as Socios.com and Red Bull. With the help of IE Talent & Careers, he’s now focused on advancing in the sector by using his contacts to apply for internships at Red Bull, as well as sports multinational Adidas.

While gaining an insight into the “behind the scenes” of sports sponsorship, Christopher has also stayed committed to his pursuits as an athlete. Although he arrived at IE University with an accomplished soccer career behind him, this hasn’t prevented him from trying out new sports. He’s looking forward to getting started soon with the IE University handball team, as an opportunity to meet people from different sections of the university and add another sport to his athletic repertoire. At the moment, however, it’s the gym that keeps Chrispther most active, which has quickly become part of his daily routine. Getting up at 6am each day in order to be the first one there, his commitment and dedication to working out has earned him an endorsement as an ambassador for VXS Gym Wear.

In the long term, Christopher’s plans are yet to take shape fully—but he’s certainly got some ideas on the horizon. What he’s certain about is working in the sports industry and embarking on a stage of his career journey in Canada, where he hopes to live with his best friend while getting a master’s degree. As someone who has always strived to make his dreams a reality, Christopher’s proactive attitude and perseverance are sure to propel him to success.