The Bachelor in Information Systems Management allows me to take my love for both math and technology and apply it to business, preparing me to make a difference in our globalized world upon graduation.

Clara, Switzerland

Bachelor in Information Systems Management

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Clara Dubois

About me

Life at IE is exciting. I am happy to be able to be part of a such an international diverse community full of game-changers and forward-thinkers. Before IE, I was uncertain about how I could pursue my passion for both math and technology, and it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Bachelor in Information Systems Management that I realized that I could make that dream a reality. With all of the interesting courses offered including Statistics, Probability, and Discrete Math and Databases and Data Modeling, I am challenged every day both in and out of the classroom.

Clara Dubois, Switzerland


Undergraduate student

Clara has a busy schedule as a second-year student at IE University. Besides participating in extracurricular activities like the Computer Society club and taking on a difficult course load, she enjoys catching up with friends and pursuing her passion for music through private lessons, which helps stimulate her brain and better her concentration. Although she may be busy most days, she always finds time for a quick coffee or a study session with friends.

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