Claudia Poudereux

Claudia Poudereux

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I’m Claudia, and I’m currently earning my Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences in Madrid—my hometown. I’m fascinated by what makes people tick, so this bachelor’s degree is perfect for me! Not only does it combine my love for people, science and data, but it’s also given me a better understanding of the world. I also enjoy climbing, so I like to escape the city every weekend to enjoy the fresh air and the mountains around Madrid.

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Claudia Poudereux

"The Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences isn’t just psychology or business administration: it’s the sweet spot between them."

Claudia Poudereux

Blending psychology and business in one innovative program

Madrid native Claudia Poudereux was eager to join the “best university in Spain.” She was even happier that coming to IE University meant that she could still enjoy family, friends and her home city’s nightlife while also meeting a whole new international community.

Claudia was attracted to the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences because of its innovative and multidisciplinary approach. This is a program that bridges psychology and business administration, finding the sweet spot between the two disciplines while incorporating data analysis and a scientific approach that Claudia finds stimulating. For her, every aspect of life is driven by human behavior, so understanding it means gaining power.

The third-year student sees behavior as something that can be measured, reflecting an individual’s inner thoughts and decision-making process. And although most believe they are logical beings who always make the best choices, the truth is that people are actually mostly irrational. Moreover, while we like to believe that we are unique, everyone goes through very similar cognitive processes and identifies the same drawbacks and motivations for their actions.

Claudia is thus fascinated by human behavior, stating that her learnings have helped her “see the world through a different lens.” Among her classes, Claudia especially enjoys the one on Influence and Persuasion, where she has learned how businesses apply specific techniques to impact consumer behavior. What’s more, individuals can also adopt these methods when giving speeches, negotiating offers or engaging in other daily tasks.

Similarly, the Psychology of Cognition and Emotion is a practical, hands-on course that is “centered on understanding behavior from a cognitive point of view.” It has taught Claudia real-world applications of the same, such as what stimuli will likely make someone focus on an ad or why supermarkets are organized the way they are and much more.

Claudia Poudereux

Claudia also cites Data Analysis as a favorite course because of her long-standing love for data. She appreciates both its pertinence across multiple industries today, as well as the insight the course gives into understanding both people and numbers. For Claudia, this focus on data gives the Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences a distinct competitive edge over other psychology-based programs.

When considering what else sets her and her classmates apart from others, Claudia points out that they are very observative and people-oriented, passionate about what drives the world and why people act the way they do. Through the program, she now knows the importance of context and how to evaluate situations from both a humanistic and a scientific point of view. Ultimately, she believes that studying behavior results in a better understanding of people and, consequently, greater awareness of our actions.

Still, Claudia notes that the behavior and social sciences discipline is a new one, noting that she has frequently found herself explaining what the program means and how it differs from psychology. At the same time, the newness of the field means there are lots of opportunities to explore and new paths to take.

That said, it isn’t all work and no play for this inspiring student. Outside the classroom, Claudia is an avid climber who enjoys scaling the mountains around Madrid on the weekends. She is the current president of the IE Climbing Club and a member of the Branding Lab. Claudia also keeps busy with her internship at the Kumon Institute, working to help children in Europe and Africa discover the joys of learning.

After graduating, she hopes to work in a leading behavioral consulting firm and earn a master’s degree related to data analysis. Her interests in behavioral design and UX—which she discovered after a joint project on the design and use of space within IE Tower alongside Bachelor in Design students—will also play a key role in her plans for the future.