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Clémentine Gautier

About me

I’m originally from the suburbs of Paris, though I have a very international background. I’m now in my fourth year of the Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations. I’m extremely sporty, having entered track and field competitions since my childhood. As well as running, I swim, ski, surf and play padel. But nothing is as accessible as just putting on my running shoes and heading out to run around the Mortalez or Retironeighborhoods of Madrid. I also enjoy reading and going out with friends—Madrid’s coffee places know me well! Travel is something I absolutely love to do as well.

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Clémentine Gautier - Student Story | IE

"IE University is very good in its preparation for professional life. With the vast number of resources available, it's almost impossible not to find your way."

Clémentine Gautier

Well-traveled, sporty and career-focused

Clémentine wanted to study the Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations because, while she had always wanted to study international relations, she realized that combining the subject with legal studies would provide her with a more complete profile and expand her scope. She believes that law and international relations are complementary, and that understanding both is important for her career prospects in either field.

She particularly enjoys the parts of the program connected to geopolitics, citing International Political Economy and the Foreign Policy topics as her favorites. Perhaps this reflects her own international background, as Clémentine has traveled extensively beyond her home country. Though it’s impossible to predict where her professional path may take her in the future with so many career choices available to her, she’s in no doubt that she’ll be prepared for whatever comes her way; IE University, she says, is very good in preparing students for professional life.

Clémentine Gautier - Student Story | IEClémentine points out the range of events, projects and tools on offer at IE University that specifically focus on career development. She singles out CV review sessions, mentoring programs, interview training and career newsletters in particular. For Clémentine, with so many resources available, at IE University it’s simply a matter of putting your mind to the challenge, and taking advantage of the valuable tools at your disposal to find your way.

Indeed, that same attitude characterizes her advice for anybody considering studying the same program. She knows that both law and international relations have their own strengths, but combine to make graduates of the program more interesting profiles. Don’t neglect any of the subjects, she advises—it’s more demanding but worth the effort if both topics are of interest to you. That attitude has certainly served her well so far, and we look forward to seeing where Clémentine’s professional path leads in the future.