“Thanks to being exposed to people from so many different backgrounds, I’ve been able to shape a very open, globally oriented way of thinking.”

Cristian, Spain / Germany

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

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Cristian Bast

About me

My name is Cristian Bast and I’m a half-German, half-Spanish Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) student in my first year at IE University. I grew up in a very international environment—I was born in Madrid, moved to Milan at the age of three, then to Frankfurt when I was nine—so I saw IE University as an opportunity to continue along that path. Having just begun my degree at IE University, I feel confident that the Bachelor of Laws was the perfect choice for me; it’s certainly designed with students' needs in mind. I’d say that I’m already getting a good professional knowledge of the legal world, which is sure to set me ahead with my career aspirations. Outside of class, I like to complement my studies by staying active and I tend to use free mornings to go for a run or workout.

Cristian Bast, Spain / Germany


Undergraduate student

Program studied

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

As a first-year student at IE University, Cristian Bast is already getting everything he can from his higher education experience. When weighing up his options, he was drawn towards IE University’s unique combination of diversity, reputation and opportunities—and within a month spent on campus, Cristian’s initial impressions have been confirmed. The newly opened IE Tower has been an enjoyable addition to the experience so far, with the modern facilities and extraordinary views over Madrid becoming a cherished highlight of his day-to-day student life. As a bustling and inspiring environment, it’s also a great place to meet new people, strike up a conversation, and form friendships.

For Cristian, the decision to study law was made clear by a view of the inside. Before his studies, he completed an internship in the mergers and acquisitions sector at global firm Clifford Chance, immersing him in the fast-paced world of corporate law. It was here that he realized law was the right choice for him. As someone with a strong interest in global and economic matters, pursuing the Bachelor of Laws also presented a chance to understand the processes at work in a range of international issues through an analytical lens.

Although he has not long been studying his bachelor’s, Cristian believes that the past month is more than enough to know that the program is exactly what he was looking for. In particular, the pace and structure of the degree forms the ideal learning curve and is carefully planned out in order to best serve students. More specifically, Cristian is finding that he has countless opportunities to develop key professional skills, where in-class debates hone communication abilities and critical thinking. Moreover, such a diverse mix of people and perspectives in his cohort ensures that discussions are truly stimulating.

Beyond the classroom, Cristian has begun to explore the vast array of clubs that IE University has on offer. There’s a club to celebrate every passion out there—and for Cristian, the Investment Club has already piqued his interest. With a range of such opportunities on the horizon for his future years at IE University, he’s also excited to see how an array of partnerships and industry connections at IE Law School will allow him to gain valuable experience.

Cristian already has a clear vision of his career trajectory, as he hopes to go into corporate law at a major international firm when he graduates. His big dream, however, is to become an entrepreneur. In Cristian’s view, a spell in corporate law will equip him with the resources, experience and know-how to go it alone in his own company further down the line—and avoid the common pitfalls of launching a startup.

With strong aspirations mapped out, we can’t wait to see how Cristian’s entrepreneurial spirit will flourish during his time at IE University and in his bright professional future. In the meantime, his plan is to keep giving his all to his studies and professional development—or as he thinks of it: “Working while they sleep to live like they dream.”


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