“You cannot create experience, you must undergo it.”

Cyril, Lebanon and France

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

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Cyril Tabet

About me

I love playing sports, especially football. After class, I’ll find time to go to the gym or play football before meeting friends. I’ve also joined the futsal team along with some coursemates. Besides sports, I enjoy constructing machines and programming, and have developed an award-winning machine that detects whether food is edible or not! I am currently studying at the Segovia Campus, which I have really enjoyed, and I look forward to experiencing Madrid next year.

Cyril Tabet, Lebanon and France


Undergraduate student

Data and Business Analytics student by day, entrepreneur by night

Cyril chose to attend IE University because of the quality of the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics course. Additionally, he was impressed with the diversity on campus and the University’s highly qualified professors. Cyril was also keen to learn a new language and experience a different culture, and he saw studying in Spain as an ideal way to do this. With so many facilities and opportunities available both inside and outside of the classroom, Cyril is able to make the most of both study and play.

So far, Cyril has had the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and learn topics that he is passionate about. He has also been able to continue developing a project that he had started at home, now with the added benefit of IE University’s support and insight.

In Cyril’s view, one of IE University’s main strengths is the development of communication and leadership skills. He also values programs like the career development program. He began this in the beginning of his first year, and sees these skills and experiences as very helpful for his future career.


Even though he is still not 100% certain, Cyril is interested in becoming a data scientist or data science consultant. He has completed four internships since the age of 16 in the fields of private banking, finance, trading and graphic design, and looks forward to taking advantage of the university’s network to complete more in the future.

While balancing his academic and extracurriculars, Cyril has continued working on a project that he began in Lebanon four years ago. The machine has won five different competitions around the world: three in Lebanon, one in Germany and one in France. Once he joined IE University, he received the full support of his academic director to continue building a new prototype of the machine on campus.

The purpose of the machine is to detect whether food is edible or inedible. The user introduces a food sample, such as meat, chicken or cheese into a small drawer with two sensors. One sensor detects levels of methane and another detects levels of carbon dioxide. If the sample is edible, the machine will open and allow the user to remove the sample. If the results are poor, the machine will lock the drawer and send a warning via Bluetooth to a preset number (e.g. the local food safety agency) with the location of the sample and its status. By developing it at IE University, Cyril hopes to build the best possible prototype and eventually sell it internationally.