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Daniel Cheryshev - Student Story | IE

Daniel Cheryshev

About me

I’m Daniel Cheryshev, a driven and curious student currently studying my bachelor’s degree at IE University. Apart from studying, I am completing a business operations internship at a Spanish tech startup, Super Robotics . My time at IE University has been invaluable in preparing me to work in multicultural, global spaces and equipping me with the technical knowledge and soft skills to thrive in my field.

Daniel Cheryshev
Undergraduate student
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Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations
Daniel Cheryshev - Student Story | IE

"I would say that soft skills are the most important part of a business operations career."

Daniel Cheryshev

Soft skills, big impact

Self-proclaimed as driven and curious, Daniel Cheryshev is using his natural personality traits to study for his bachelor’s degree and complete an internship at the same time. This brought him to IE University to study the demanding Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations. He chose this program because he’s always been interested in the role of businesses and the importance of national and international organizations worldwide. 

According to Daniel, IE University has given him a major competitive advantage. To start, his dual degree, which is designed for anyone who loves history, international relations and learning languages, has offered him the strong business foundation and confidence necessary to work at an international level. Additionally, IE University has given him the skills to thrive in diverse working environments alongside international people with varying professional and personal backgrounds. In a world of work in which companies look for professionals who know several languages and have empathy towards other cultures, Daniel feels empowered by the hard and soft skills—from coding to presentation skills—he’s gained at IE University.

Daniel Cheryshev - Student Story | IEThroughout his time in the program, Daniel realized he was ready to take his learning one step further. He landed a role as a business operations intern at a Spanish tech startup called Super Robotics—a company that aims to automate the supermarket sector. There, he manages customer relationships, contacts suppliers for new components for their robots in development and conducts research tasks, including finding the best external human resources company for recruiting processes.

Business operations deals with company value chains and is usually quite multidisciplinary. For that reason, Daniel suggests that anyone looking to get into this field needs to be open to gaining knowledge and skills from various vocations. This includes finance in order to learn to control budgets and marketing with the aim of selling a product to the right market.

As advice for future students seeking a similar role, Daniel would tell them to focus on soft skills. The ability to work well on a team, multitask and communicate effectively are some of the most important parts of a career in business operations.

Attending IE University is one of the best decisions Daniel’s ever made, and would encourage anyone interested to make the same choice, noting that it’s a university that values its students and invests heavily in innovation, technology and cross-cultural connection.