“The bigger the positive impact I can create throughout my career, the more likely I will be successful.”

Danielle, Canada

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

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Danielle White

About me

I’m Canadian, yet have spent most of my life in Belgium where my father worked for NATO for 10 years. This gave me the opportunity to travel across Europe and gain exposure to countless different languages, cultures and architecture. It was partly this exposure that led me to the Bachelor in Architecture at IE University, along with the magical atmosphere of the Segovia campus!

Danielle White, Canada


Undergraduate student

Danielle always had her heart set on architecture, long before she chose it as a career path. Travelling through Europe, she would look up and admire the finer details of each cathedral and museum. She was fascinated by the power of spaces and how they could make her feel. When she first arrived at the Segovia campus, it was magical, and she was immediately reminded of Hogwarts. In her words, what could be better?

Architecture encourages Danielle to use her imagination, and she admires the power it has to define the way we live and interact. Studying at IE University has given her the confidence to become whoever she wants to be as an architect. In particular, the internships have given her invaluable skills and helped her develop useful connections even before graduation.

While impossible to summarize her IE University experience, Danielle would have to say ‘amazing’. The friends that she has made and all the experiences they have shared in Segovia have exceeded her expectations. She has grown considerably in a very short time thanks to her tight-knit support system of friends and professors. What’s more, she has taken advantage of the opportunities on offer and joined many campus groups and programs. She even launched her own initiative!

Danielle believes that IE University is based around connection and innovation. Whether completing a project in class, participating in a club, or following a personal passion, there are always people around you who want to encourage and support you. IE University has provided Danielle with two fantastic internships as well as countless support that will extend even beyond graduation. This has helped Danielle work towards her goals, and has made the transition to the real world more manageable.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending quality time with her friends. Together, they like to cook, watch movies, go out, play games and explore the mountains. When not hanging out with friends, Danielle gravitates towards fashion design. One of her favorite pastimes is thrift shopping at a garage sale or flea market, then altering these clothes according to her own design.

When it comes to her future, Danielle doesn’t want to be restricted to just one field or role. She would like to experience versatile aspects of architecture, and aims to ground her career path in sustainability and/or altruism. Danielle has never been principally driven by financial success, and hopes to guide her career in the direction of her core values and her desire to make a difference. In her opinion, the bigger the positive impact she creates in her career, the more successful she will be.


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