“Each student that graduates from here has a completely different profile than his peers. You get to customize your journey.”

David, Lebanon

Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics

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David Meshaka

About me

I’m David Meshaka. I’m half Lebanese and half Peruvian, and I lived in Beirut, Lebanon, my whole life before coming to Spain. I spent two magical years in Segovia, and now I am in Madrid—a city I really enjoy! I have a tremendous passion for music, and I like visiting new places with friends. I love learning about different cultures, and it doesn’t hurt that I know four languages (French, Arabic, Spanish and English), which helps me feel at ease with other people.

David Meshaka, Lebanon


Undergraduate student

David first came to know about IE University following the advice of a friend who encouraged him to look into its programs, which attract students from all over the world. He decided to come to IE University because it was one of the few institutions to offer the Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics, a broad program that combines multiple topics David is interested in. He originally thought he would dive deep into the economics component of his program, but he discovered a passion for law along the way that prompted him to add a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in his third year.

Despite initially having doubts about hybrid learning, David has appreciated IE University’s ability to quickly and effectively adapt to the necessities of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing his education to continue without major disruptions. This approach to learning has taught David to feel comfortable with being immersed in technology and has introduced him to new ways of learning through conferences and seminars that are easily accessible in numerous formats.

Outside of the classroom, David is co-president of the Music Club and has been part of initiatives such as TEDx and 180 Degrees Consulting. This year, David competed in a Jessup Moot Court Competition, which was a demanding but highly enriching experience, and he has been engaged in research with Professor Argyri Panezi on copyright law and the digitization of cultural heritage. Additionally, while at the Segovia campus, David served as a mentor. These experiences have allowed David to step beyond academics into the wider IE University community.

David’s experience at IE University has helped him grow as a person. His interests in law and technology have broadened, and he has managed to pursue other passions, such as music (he especially loves the guitar), mixology and running through extracurricular activities alongside his studies.

Professionally, David has studied topics he enjoys under the tutelage of supportive professors. The many opportunities at IE University have meant that David and other students are able to tailor their journeys according to their interests, with each student graduating with a unique profile as a result.

During summer breaks, David has engaged in internships in consulting, law and strategy. In summer 2021, David completed an internship in Madrid with Cuatrecasas in the Intellectual Property, Data Protection and New Technologies Department. Experiences like these have nurtured his fascination with the growing field of legal tech, and he ultimately hopes to combine this with his passion for music. That said, he maintains his penchant for economics as well and looks forward to where these interests will take him. As Amine Maalouf, a Lebanese author David admires, wrote, “Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs.”