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David ten Doornkaat

About me

I’m originally from Cologne, Germany. I began my schooling at an English International School in Cologne, and studied there until I was 15 years old. After that, I transferred to Haileybury College, a boarding school in the UK, to complete my International Baccalaureate. Finally, I moved to Spain to study the Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University, where I’m completing my final semester while simultaneously doing an internship at a private equity fund in Germany. Outside of the classroom, I love finding ways to enjoy the beautiful city of Madrid, especially soaking up the sun in Retiro or playing basketball—which helps give me a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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David ten Doornkaat Bachelor in Business Administration - Student Story | IE University

"The international environment at IE University pushes me to do better, to thrive, and to be prepared to work in a similar environment in the future."

David ten Doornkaat

Eyes on the prize

David ten Doornkaat knows what he wants—from his academic journey to his professional trajectory. David chose IE University because he has always lived and worked in international environments, and IE University offers exactly that. He says being surrounded by people from around the world pushes him to do better, to thrive, and to be prepared to work in a similar environment in the future. He decided to study the Bachelor in Business Administration specifically because it would give him insights into all the different facets that the business world has to offer. Now, in his fourth year, he feels like he knows what his strengths and weaknesses are, as well as his likes and dislikes.

Later on in the course, this personal growth helped him choose his electives wisely, and to specialize in the areas of business that he wants to hone in on during his career. He notes that in interviews for internships or jobs, it always impresses interviewers when he can reference these specific courses and show the deeper interest and knowledge he built during his bachelor’s degree.

Now, David is completing a six-month internship at a private equity fund in Germany. Earlier on, he was given the choice between taking another semester of electives or completing an internship to be accredited by IE University. This was a huge perk when he was deciding where to study, as many other universities don’t offer this option. Private equity and investment banking are David’s passions, and he says that IE University helped him greatly to succeed in this highly competitive market.

But it’s not just the academic material David loves. He tells us that he’s had a multitude of life-changing experiences at IE University, which have collectively formed who he is today and his future prospects. Student-led clubs, for example, have been greatly beneficial for learning more about different areas of interest, and have also set him apart from the masses when applying to internships and jobs.

David has also received invaluable support from his professors, who are working in the exact areas he is interested in and are always happy to help with queries and interview preparation. It was inspiring to David that the professors also work in the fields they teach, and thus are able to provide students with their real-life knowledge in different subject areas. For David, this makes classes a lot more interesting and helpful for his future endeavors. He says the professors always welcomed any student who was interested in their subject to receive extra input and advice, which helped David both personally and professionally.

Outside of class, David loves to enjoy the beautiful city of Madrid. He references gorgeous parks such as Retiro, where he likes to spend time enjoying the sun, getting some fresh air and playing sports. David is particularly passionate about basketball, which he has been playing since he was eight years old. He explains that this more active part of his life helps him stay balanced, healthy, and also more focused when he’s in the classroom. He also likes to read the news daily to keep up with what’s going on in the world and practice his valuation skills as a day trader.

So what does the future hold for such an ambitious young student? David has it down to a science. He says he wants to further deepen his knowledge in financial markets and specifically gain more experience in M&A/investment banking and private equity. David has already completed impressive internships, including one at a venture capital fund in Italy, and one at an investment banking boutique in Germany focused on M&A. Once he finishes his current internship, he wants to join an investment bank or deal advisory team at one of the big four accountancy firms as an analyst. After having gained a few years of experience, David wants to complete an MBA, IMBA, or Executive MBA, as well as gain CFA qualifications. After all of that, his long-term goal is to join a private equity fund or a venture capital fund.

We know David will achieve all of his goals, and wish him the best on his journey!