“I love how IE University teaches this discipline, because you not only learn how to build, but also how to think properly, globally and critically.”

Do Xuan, Vietnam

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

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Do Xuan Hoang

About me

I was born in Vietnam and throughout my life I’ve discovered I have several passions. I discovered music at a young age, and since then I’ve been playing the piano and participated in national competitions. I can’t live without music—it makes me feel better. Later on, I started taking painting and drawing classes, which taught me how to observe and express myself. My next passion is food; I love to cook and eat fresh. Spain is a paradise, in terms of the freshness of food and the variety of ingredients. My other passion is architecture. This program fascinates me.

Do Xuan Hoang, Vietnam


Undergraduate student

Besides music, painting, and cooking, the fourth great passion of this IE University student is, of course, architecture. He loves this degree, admires the professors that teach it, and for him, the city of Segovia is a source of inspiration. He often visits the Creativity Center, located in La Casa de la Moneda, to paint and work on his architecture projects.

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