“In my opinion, IE University offers an incredible array of opportunities for students, regardless of what you want to be involved in.”

Dyanna, US

Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

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Dyanna Monique Rivera

About me

I’m Dyanna Monique Rivera and I’m from Seattle in the US (just like in Grey’s Anatomy and iCarly). I’ve lived in the US my entire life, occasionally visiting family in Michoacan, Mexico when I was younger. I’ve since moved to Madrid to study the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence.

Dyanna Monique Rivera, US


Undergraduate student

Pushing personal and professional boundaries

Dyanna chose to come to IE University to push herself out of her comfort zone. When looking at other universities she asked herself: “Do I go to this university where I’ll know how my life will play out for the next five years, or do I go to IE University and open myself up to opportunities that I’ve never even thought of?” For Dyanna, the answer was obvious.

She initially chose to study computer science and artificial intelligence as she knew it would not only involve a lot of problem-solving, but that it would also have a big impact on human life down the road. Dyanna thought “I want to be part of that” and made sure she got involved. The more she learns about the world of technology, the more she falls in love with it.

So far, Dyanna has enjoyed her time at IE University. She’s benefited from the professors and small class sizes and formed lifelong friendships with her classmates. Outside the classroom, Dyanna has attended events organized by some of IE University’s tech clubs. She’s grown her network and made countless friends through the opportunities available to her. From nights out with friends to datathons, Dyanna has been “amazed at what happens if you just say yes.”

Life at IE University has opened Dyanna’s eyes to entrepreneurship. She says it’s not uncommon to hear students talking through their business ideas in their free time and continuously pursuing their passion projects. She sees IE University as an incredible space that allows students to push their professional boundaries and provides support no matter the outcome. She’s also taken advantage of IE University’s entrepreneurial spirit and found ways to get involved with various startups founded by students.

In her free time, Dyanna enjoys spending time with friends, reading, writing, drawing and baking. Her specialty is banana bread and she says to “never underestimate the power of good bread and company.” She also makes time to listen to music and go for walks among her busy schedule.

As a first generation university student, Dyanna values the support she’s received from her mentors. Now, she feels prepared to set herself up for success in the coming years. When talking about the future, Dyanna would love to work in artificial intelligence, specifically in the healthcare sector. There’s a lot of exciting research on the horizon that she wants to be involved with.

At IE University, Dyanna also developed an interest in consulting and data science, when she interned for a small Ugandan startup, called MARA Agribusiness, through connections she made at IE Entrepreneurship Club. It opened her eyes to the versatility of tech and business.

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