Segovia is a wonderful place to photograph—you can capture a lot of wonderful images of its nature, streets, and monuments. In particular, I love the Alcázar. It’s a fairytale castle.

Egor, Russia

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Egor Kas

About me

I’ve always had a creative spirit. I used to love going to the theater with my father in my hometown, Stavropol. I’m also passionate about photography. Living in Segovia and attending IE University give me an outlet for both of these passions. I’m able to study an engaging degree in a spectacular environment and participate in the full cultural life offered at IEU and throughout the city.

Egor Kas, Russia


Undergraduate student

Egor is one of the active leaders of IE University’s Theater Club, and held a leading role in the play “Memorias de la Rosa y el León,” put on by over thirty international students on campus. His passion for theater, photography, and film inspire his studies in Communication and Digital Media and he is currently looking for an internship with platforms like HBO and Netflix where he can flex his creative muscles.

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