Do it, because those kinds of experiences are the ones that make you who you are. Do it, because it will bring you knowledge and values that will make you unique.

Elise, France

Bachelor in International Relations

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Elise Nouchi

About me

I believe it essential to grasp all opportunities offered to us. That’s why, when given the opportunity to study abroad, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. My time studying at the National University of Singapore was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I can proudly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did I get the chance to study at a highly regarded university, I was able to gain so many important and life-shaping experiences whilst there. Besides studying, I joined clubs, made some amazing friends and even took part in cooking classes. I cannot recommend this opportunity enough.

Elise Nouchi, France


Undergraduate student

Elise Nouchi has taken full advantage of the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. By doing so, she has grasped the true meaning behind IE’s core values and has taken initiative to expand her portfolio, gain valuable skills and amplify her innovative spirit. This experience will undoubtedly benefit Elise in her future studies at IE University and also with her future professional career. Her ability to push herself far out of her comfort zone is an important asset that will impress future employers and allow her to apply such innovation and enthusiasm to her work at IE.

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