“I was able to make friends from all over the world, which allowed me to grow my mindset and learn about cultures I hadn’t encountered before.”

Florian Fabian, Germany

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

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Florian Fabian Talke

About me

I’m originally from Germany, but I’ve spent time in both Spain and England since I was a teenager. First, I moved to Malaga to attend school and improve my English, and then I went to boarding school in the UK to complete my International Baccalaureate. After that, I decided to move back to Spain to study the Dual Bachelor in Business Administration & Laws.

Florian Fabian Talke, Germany


Undergraduate student

An international experience leads to an international career

Florian’s boarding school experience certainly influenced his decision to apply to IE University. Having spent several years surrounded by people from many different nationalities, he knew that a diverse, international environment was exactly what he was looking for. And he wasn’t disappointed by the experience. In fact, he’s been able to learn about cultures that he’d never experienced before. Plus, having spent plenty of time in Spain throughout his life, Florian knew that it was a country he wanted to live and spend more time in.

Another key factor in Florian’s decision was the fact that IE University offered dual degree options—something he couldn’t really find anywhere else. He specifically chose the Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws because he felt that two subjects were mutually complementary, and that the double-sided skillset was definitely worth having to study for an extra year.

Aside from the dual degree program, Florian tried to maintain his language level by taking Spanish classes from his second to his fourth year of studies. He was also part of the university’s football team during his first two years, but ultimately decided to prioritize his busy academic schedule.

And of course, just like every other student completing their degree in 2020, Florian had to come to terms with studying through the pandemic. One aspect that he found particularly challenging was the online learning environment, as he lacked contact with professors and classmates. Despite the setback, Florian believes that IE University handled the transition to online learning very smoothly in the beginning. He was also grateful for the option to return to campus or continue online when classes started up again in September.

Florian certainly believes in the importance of gaining professional experience alongside studying. In fact, he carried out three internships at Kaufland in Germany in the summers of 2018, 2019 and 2020. And when given the choice between working or going on exchange, he chose to work for seven months.

Before his time at IE University came to a close, Florian had already been offered a job at Kaufland. And he didn’t waste any time—he started working for them full-time in May 2021.

Right now, Florian is focusing on learning about the intricacies of the retail industry. His long-term goal is to undertake more challenges as a leader in the sector. And despite the fact that he’s more interested in the business side of things, Florian is grateful for the law knowledge that he acquired through the LL.B. side of his dual degree.