"You only live once, so it’s up to each person to decide what to make of it. You have to take advantage of each new experience and every new piece of knowledge you learn because they make you who you are. Every day, you have to want to be the best version of yourself—learning and growing to go far."

Gal , Colombia

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Gal Benzadon

About me

Ever since I was a kid, I had always dreamed about having an authentic college experience. And I knew that I wanted to continue to be part of an international environment like the one I grew up in, while studying and working in something that I love—marketing and advertising. IE University has opened me up to so many new experiences and people that have spurred my professional and personal growth. Everyone is in the driver’s seat of their own life, and I’m glad that I’ve embarked on this journey to keep my mind open and continuously learn new things.

Gal Benzadon, Colombia


Undergraduate student

Diversity for an enriching life

Growing up in four different countries, and attending international schools in diverse environments, Gal has always had to be flexible to adapt to new surroundings that brought her out of her comfort zone. With the unique experiences she’s gained from a life full of change, she says that IE University is where she fits in best. When her sister applied to IE University and told Gal about it, she realized that the school’s community of like-minded international students was for her. Even before she graduated high school, Gal had applied—putting herself in the perfect position to enroll right after a gap year. As she had always wanted to gain new experiences and live on her own, while doing her part to better the world around her, Gal decided to volunteer, work, and take a few courses during her year out. She says that her year off before college helped her grow and prepared her to write her next chapter at university.

Moving from one enriching experience to the next, Gal began her IE University journey at the Segovia campus living in The Factory Residence Hall alongside 150 students from all around the world—many of whom are still her close friends today. The following year, she moved into an apartment right next to the aqueduct. Gal says that living so close to a UNESCO World Heritage site was a privilege. That same year, she wanted to begin working and gaining hands-on experience in something that she liked. So when she saw an opportunity to work at the Wellbeing Center at IE University as a social media intern, she decided to take it right away.

Not only was she able to apply what she’d been learning during her studies, but this work opportunity opened her up to learning so much more. She decided to take advantage of all the opportunities that IE University offers in a wide range of fields in order to enhance her growth.

After two years in Segovia, she moved back to Madrid, where she had lived for most of the previous six years. While she noticed that the college experience in a big city is quite different from what she had lived in Segovia, Gal is grateful for the unique experiences she’s gained and everything she’s learned from being able to move around and start again in new places.

Each step she’s taken has led her to where she is now, and each experience has helped her to become the person she is today. She appreciates the wide range of opportunities that Madrid has to offer, such as her internship in IE University’s Marketing Department. It has allowed her to apply her academic knowledge to real-world situations while learning how to manage her time and organize herself. She says that the internship was the cherry on top of her college experience.

At the end of the day, Gal remembers the words of Mae West: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” So it’s up to each individual to make the most of their life by seizing every new experience and opportunity that life brings—just as Gal has done. IE University has allowed her to fulfill her lifelong dreams. She says studying Communication and Digital Media has given her the tools to do what she loves—making it the best decision for both her personal and professional future.