“With so many different backgrounds and experiences represented, you’re constantly surprised by the directions discussions take.”

Giulia , Brazil

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Giulia de Oliveira

About me

One of the great things about being at IE University is the number of different nationalities represented in each classroom. My class is made up of 30 students representing 20 nationalities. Every time we debate a topic, people have 20 completely contrasting views and bring up points that you would never have thought of before. While you might think there’s one very obvious answer to a question, you’re constantly surprised every time the conversation opens up—that’s something I don’t think you can find anywhere else except at IE University.

Giulia de Oliveira, Brazil


Undergraduate student

Living in Segovia for the last three years has been a truly unique experience for Giulia de Oliveira. With all her classmates and friends living close by—a five-minute walk, max—she’s been able to feel at home in this historic, medieval city. Her walk to class is a short stroll through the enchanting Jewish Quarter and its winding streets. And if she ever feels lonely, she can just pop over to the Plaza Mayor where she finds tons of her friends hanging out in the sun.

While the city is renowned for its rich history, IE University itself is also endowed with a long-standing tradition, something that Giulia and her fellow students feel lucky to be a part of. At the university, she has been paired with Iôna de Macêdo—her academic director—who has become a mentor to her, assisting Giulia with her studies and helping her secure invaluable internships. With vast experience in the digital sector, including working for Sony and occupying a number of senior positions in the industry, Iôna is a fantastic source of support and inspiration for Giulia, as well as a connection and friendship she is thrilled to have made.

What’s more, the international nature of her campus has played a significant role in Giulia’s experience here. Originally from Brazil, Giulia moved with her family to England at an early age and then on to Portugal. Her experience mirrors that of many students at IE University. Indeed, she shares a classroom with 30 other students from 20 different countries. Not only does this diversity provide for a rich student body made up of a range of perspectives and experiences, but it opens up discussions and conversations in unexpected and stimulating ways.

Besides working hard academically, Giulia realized that she could complement her studies by engaging in some of the huge variety of clubs and experiences offered at IE University. While her whole family is very sporty—her brother and sister are jiu jitsu champions in Portugal and her mother is a weightlifting champion—Giulia always gravitated towards music. Her love of playing the guitar, singing, and experimenting with different musical styles and techniques led her to join a musical group in Segovia. Getting together every Thursday to play music, they are all incredibly passionate and open to challenging themselves outside the classroom.

Apart from playing in her weekly music group, Giulia has also gotten involved in some of the labs offered at IE University, which provide students the chance to put their skills acquired in the classroom to the test. In addition, she was able to complete a six-month internship in the marketing department of the university, allowing her to gain real-world experience and explore the inner workings of a busy marketing team.

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