Giulia De Palmas- Student Story Bachelor in Economics | IE University

Giulia De Palmas

About me

My name is Giulia De Palmas, and I’m a second-year student in the Bachelor in Economics. I’m Italian and was born near Milan, but have moved back and forth between Rome and Brussels for years. This constant movement allowed me to see change as an advantage, as long as you stay open-minded and trust others. I speak English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese (which I’m currently learning). I’ve always been fascinated by languages and cultures other than mine and, from an early age, I was surrounded by many different languages. I think this has allowed me to grow up with a more open and curious mind.

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Giulia De Palmas- Student Story Bachelor in Economics | IE University

"I chose to do the Bachelor in Economics because I knew the degree would be rigorous, comprehensive, and would carry weight outside of Spain."

Giulia De Palmas

Giulia De Palmas was a perfect fit for IE University, and IE University was a perfect fit for her.

Giulia, who speaks five languages and has lived in several different countries, came to IE University because she knew the economics program would be everything she needed: rigorous, comprehensive, and world-renowned. She also knew that beyond the basics, the program included more inventive modules, such as “New Economy: Digital Platforms & Ecosystems” or “Economics of Innovation & Technological Change.” She found these classes particularly interesting, since down the road she’d like to work with behavioral design. To that end, she’s keen to gain analytical and problem-solving skills needed to turn innovative ideas into reality.

So why economics, specifically? Giulia likes that it’s a very broad discipline, giving students a “passport” to a variety of careers. As she has a wide range of interests—from the arts to startups and technology—she knew economics could be relevant for all of these.

Once on campus, Giulia knew she made the right decision. She notes that the Segovia campus makes it easy to meet other students, and that you can always find a friend on the street or sitting on a terrace on a sunny day. She also feels grateful for the way IE University has handled the pandemic, mentioning that their strict safety measures allow students to have a relatively normal university experience.

“I think the IE University Segovia campus facilitates the process of meeting students.”Giulia De Palmas

This ambitious student hasn’t taken that for granted, either. Giulia has been involved with the IEU Dance Club, Boxing Club, and the Econ Data Lab. The clubs have allowed her to stay active and meet people with similar interests, and the lab was a great chance to start gaining experience in the work environment.

Apart from those extracurriculars, she has also opted to participate in two seminars every semester, an optional complement to her coursework. She believes choosing seminars that pique her interest will lead her to meet like-minded students and professionals to exchange ideas with.

And as a culture-loving polyglot, Giulia will, of course, take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Next year, she will spend six months studying at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in the financial capital of Germany and home to the European Central Bank. For the first time in her life, she will move to a country where she doesn’t speak the language and doesn’t know a single person there. Adventure awaits!

As for what the future looks like for Giulia, she tells us that in the long term, she’d love to pursue a career in the editorial sector, or perhaps an even more artistic industry, but always working on the economic/business side of things. She is passionate about the arts—such as dance, writing, reading, and design—and hopes to stay close to it, no matter where her career takes her.

If Giulia had to choose one quote to define her worldview, it would be Van Gogh’s famous line: “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” We think Giulia is pretty courageous herself.