Segovia is a beautiful, small, and safe city with plenty of places to check out. It’s the perfect place to start my time at IE University as I can easily get to know both my peers and professors.

Guillermo, Spain

Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

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Guillermo Abengoechea

About me

Living in Segovia has been one of the most enriching experiences of my academic life. At the campus in Segovia, close to 80% of all the students are not Spanish, and I have personally loved this. By talking to and making friends with people from other countries, you are able to better understand other cultures and traditions, which consequently drives open-mindedness and overall tolerance.

Guillermo Abengoechea, Spain


University Student

Like many other students at IE University, Guillermo was looking for a university experience that was both unique and diverse. By attending IE University and studying Behavior & Social Sciences at the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology, he is constantly taking advantage of the plethora of opportunities at his disposal. Whether he’s skiing in the mountains which make up Spain’s picturesque landscape or bouncing new and innovative ideas off of his peers over a cup of coffee, Guillermo is happy with his decision to come and study at IE University. Knowing that his time on campus will push him to discover more things about himself and his career path, Guillermo is confident he will take IE University’s principles of open-mindedness and tolerance on any future endeavor that may come his way.

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