Ignacio Lasheras - student story- testimonials | IE University
Ignacio Lasheras Feijoo
About me

I’m from Segovia and ever since high school I’ve been interested in legal affairs and politics, so the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations was the perfect opportunity for me. IE University has presented me with so many unique opportunities and I’m hoping to have an international career. In my free time, I like going to operas and writing my own stories.

Ignacio Lasheras Feijoo
Undergraduate student
Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations
Ignacio Lasheras - student story- testimonials | IE University

"Thanks to IE University I’ve attended a wide variety of cultural and academic experiences that otherwise I would never have known about."

Ignacio Lasheras Feijoo

Exploring an international career through the humanities

Ignacio chose to attend IE University because ever since he was in high school, he’s had an affinity for legal affairs and politics. He was looking for a university that would allow him to pursue his passion and develop an international background, and IE University has allowed him to do exactly that and much more.

As a Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations student, Ignacio joined the Debate Club in his first year. It contributed a lot to his personal and professional growth and in the process, he formed friendships and connections that he wouldn’t have made without taking the leap and joining the club. On a professional level, the Debate Club has been a way for Ignacio to push himself out of his comfort zone, take the reins in a discussion and become an excellent negotiator.

At IE University, there is also the opportunity to enroll in moot cases. Ignacio recognizes this opportunity as a stepping stone “to start thinking like a lawyer.” Taking part gave him a better perception of how the Court of International Justice and the European Court of Human Rights work. And this isn’t the only opportunity Ignacio, now in his final year, has seized. In 2021, he participated in the European Youth Event in Strasbourg, using the skills he gained through his experience at IE University to take the hands-on nature of his program beyond the classroom.

IE University offers plenty of such opportunities, both cultural and academic, to students. On the cultural side, Ignacio has participated in a course about the role of women in art, organized by Museo Nacional del Prado, been granted with “Friends of the Teatro Real” membership for a year and attended pre-premieres of operas such as Tosca.However, it doesn’t stop there. He also participated in the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities, which he regards as one of the best decisions he has made during his degree. He decided to participate as he believes the humanities are what make every one of us unique in a world in which everything seems to be mechanized. Ignacio believes that literature, poetry and cinema are where the personal and professional collide.

Initially intimidated by putting pen to paper, Ignacio didn’t expect to win. He entered wanting to share his personal experience with others, and was motivated to take part by the support of IE University’s teaching faculty. However, he was impressed by the quality of other entrants’ work and enjoyed the dedication and affection that other participants had devoted to their works.

At IE University, Ignacio has learned that people are storytellers and believes that we understand the world through stories. Since he was a child, he has loved to write and he thought the best contribution he could make to the competition would be to share his personal story. He admits there is more than one way to tell a story, including other media such as video, poems or essays, and with that in mind, would encourage every student to participate in the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities competition. He says it gives a voice to students to tell their personal stories, and so help us understand the world.

Given that Ignacio has an internationally focused degree, he hopes to develop his career at an international level in a global organization or the academic world. Although his undergraduate student journey is coming to an end, he looks back on the adventures and discoveries he made knowing he’s learned a lot at IE University and enjoyed every step of the way.




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