“What I love about this degree is that it’s interdisciplinary. When I decide to specialize in one of the fields, I will benefit from having a holistic understanding of how these three interconnected disciplines affect one another.”

Isa M., Sweden

Bachelor in Philosphy, Politics, Law and Economics

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Isa M. Rosberg

About me

I first heard about IE University from my boss at work. It was pouring rain outside and I told him that I would never study in a place where the weather is bad. He looked at me and replied, “Well, go to Spain.” So I did just that.

Isa M. Rosberg, Sweden


Undergraduate student

Originally coming from a small town in Sweden, Isa’s family moved around a lot during her childhood. Having grown up in so many different environments, she now feels right at home with IE University’s diverse community. The international environment feels natural and she’s been able to meet many people just like her.

During her first few years at IE University in Segovia, she never once felt alone. Despite living by herself, she was constantly surrounded by people! She was absorbed within the IE community immediately and hasn’t looked back since.

While her day-to-day life at the Madrid campus is quite different from the Segovia campus, its charm is really starting to grow on Isa, especially now that her classes happen to be in a more secluded part of the campus. The classrooms have been set up for the Liquid Learning environment which allows Isa to choose whether she wants to attend class in person or online.

While the learning experience is equally demanding whether you are attending class online or in person, Isa likes to have the option of attending class from home. This allows her to spend less time commuting to and from class and more time studying.

Isa chose to study the Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics degree because it’s an interdisciplinary program that gives her a taste of three different but related career tracks. Although she doesn’t yet know which of the three she will pursue once she graduates, she believes her holistic learning experience in these fields will only improve her understanding of whichever area she decides to specialize in.

Isa has always had an interest in technological innovation and hopes she can find a way to combine this interest with her newly discovered passion for policy making. She believes cyber law could be an interesting intersection between the two fields, but wants to keep her options open for the future. Most importantly, she would like to work in a field that doesn’t force her to compromise on her values.

Outside of university, Isa likes to do analog film photography. What she loves about this medium is that once you capture a moment, you forget about it until you develop the photographs. Then, when you finally go through them, all of the memories come straight back to you.

Isa’s future certainly looks bright. She says that she’ll know that she’s truly happy down the line if she can look at herself in the mirror and tell herself that she’s done everything she’s wanted to.