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Isabella Miller

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I’m Isabella Miller. I grew up in the US and now I’m studying the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations. I enjoy traveling and delving into new cultures—I love taking part in local activities, eating local cuisine and learning some of the local language when I visit a new place. That’s why I’m really enjoying my semester abroad in Switzerland! The Swiss countryside offers great opportunities to practice another hobby of mine, hiking.

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Isabella Miller

“What better place to learn about international governments than with students from those countries?”

Isabella Miller

The importance of diverse perspectives on international business

Isabella Miller’s story is a perfect illustration of the advantages a dual degree can provide. She originally planned to study business, but her love of learning about other countries sparked an interest in the international relations courses offered at IE University. When she realized that she could study both areas at the same time, she signed up for the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations.

Not only did the program expand her idea of “what the world entailed,” but the experience of gaining personal insights from fellow students with direct experience of the countries she was studying helped Isabella absorb information faster. She could then apply this information to her business studies, viewing them through “the lens of international culture and perspective.” Studying the impacts of globalization, for example, gave her a greater awareness of the ethical implications of big business and the importance of considering a range of diverse perspectives.

Isabella’s passion for exploring the world has also led her to the IE Debate Club, of which she’s the current president. She describes this role as one that always brings challenges, but even greater rewards. She’s competed in, and won, several Model United Nations competitions across the globe, enabling her to indulge her passion for travel while honing her debating skills.

Most recently, Isabella pursued an internship at EY in New York, working in the business consulting division on projects involving business transformation and business design. She describes it as “an eye-opening experience,” explaining that each intern was assigned to a client-facing team for the duration of the internship. Isabella’s team worked with a major international staffing firm to modernize and streamline their sales processes. At the end of her internship, Isabella found that her hard work and dedication had paid off: she was offered a full-time position after graduation, which she accepted.

While Isabella found and pursued her internship independently, she credits IE University for providing her with the knowledge and experience which she says set her up for success. “Being an IE University student helped me more than I expected,” she says, thankful that her classes had given her a strong foundation in business design and project management. “I could keep up with what was being discussed due to that prior knowledge.”

Another way that her IE Experience helped Isabella stand out in her internship was her international mindset. In contrast to many of the other interns, who came from local US schools, she had prior experience working with diverse teams. She feels that managers remembered her not only for her professional ability and high-level performance, but also on a personal level because her international experience set her apart.

Isabella’s advice for prospective students hoping to emulate her success? She recommends finding a way to use what you are learning in class actively, as this will help you retain information. Participation in Model United Nations, she says, helped her understand the differing perspectives on global issues. It also gave her a valuable network of experts in international relations, which she knows she can call upon in the future.