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Ismael Picazo Flores
About me

My name is Ismael Picazo Flores. This is my first year at IE University studying the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. For a long time, I’ve enjoyed technology, seeing it as an exciting, revolutionary field. I believe my education will help me be part of the changes it will bring to our lives. I’ve also grown to love debate: recently, I traveled to London as part of the university’s delegation to the International Model United Nations (LIMUN) conference. It was an ideal opportunity to broaden my mind, expand my worldview and meet interesting new people from all over the globe.

Ismael Picazo Flores
Undergraduate student
Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence
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"I met many outstanding students and became closer to my delegation mates, which is one of the most relevant takeaways from this experience."

Ismael Picazo Flores

On a mission to become the best version of himself

Ismael Picazo Flores first learned about the IE Debate Club during IE University’s annual club fair. As a first-year student of the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, he was looking for interesting ways to engage in campus life at his new home.

Although he was initially hesitant to join, Ismael eventually saw the club as a great opportunity to meet new people and brush up on his public speaking skills. By its very nature, it provides students with a fun space to refine their debate and argumentation techniques while improving their capacity for negotiation, collaboration and teamwork. It also offers them the opportunity to participate in regular debates, both regionally and internationally.

Ismael’s first order of business soon after joining the club was to complete its rigorous Training Program—a specialized initiative designed to help new members learn the fundamentals of debate. He quickly got the chance to practice his new-found skills when the opportunity to participate in the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) conference arose.

The LIMUN is Europe’s largest Model United Nations conference, bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to discuss critical global topics in a mock UN-like setting. As part of IE University’s delegation to the 24th edition of this prestigious event, Ismael adhered to a strict, consistent practice schedule in preparation for its theme, “Navigating uncharted territory: Diplomacy for a changing world.” He and his teammates also received the university’s support in the form of comprehensive training and financial aid. As a result, the IE Debate Club team could focus on delivering their best performance. 

Ismael Picazo Flores - Student Story | IEIn the end, all this groundwork paid off: Ismael won big at the conference. He emerged as the winner in his debate event, where he acted as Australia’s representative to the Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (COPUOS). Other members of the university’s delegation also came out on top in their own committee events, including:

  • Dalia Mursi del Puerto – Best Delegate, acting representative for Sweden to the Conference of the Parties (COP) committee
  • Maria-Cătălina Văduva – Honorable Mention, acting representative for South Africa to the G20 committee
  • Tancrède Thoma – Honorable Mention, acting representative for Vietnam to the Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (COPUOS)
  • Constantin Mosch – Winner, acting representative for Yemen to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) committee
  • Daniel Aguila – Winner, acting representative for Croatia to the European Commission (EC) committee
  • Daniel Mkhitaryan – Winner, acting representative for Ethiopia to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) committee
  • Daniel Pereda – Winner, acting representative for Türkiye to the Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (COPUOS)
  • Shimwa Nyanchera Omanwa – Winner, acting representative for Ukraine to the Legal committee

During the LIMUN conference, Ismael was exposed to many new ideas and perspectives from other participants with wide-ranging backgrounds. It was a memorable experience that not only helped him become more open-minded but also taught him how to develop out-of-the-box solutions to global problems, all while sparking immense personal growth. What’s more, the event proved to be an ideal hub for networking, allowing this ambitious student to build long-lasting international connections.

And though making new people and improving his skill set were great benefits from the conference, there was one key takeaway that Ismael valued most: the opportunity to become closer to the other members of the delegation.

It’s clear that the IE Debate Club has had a considerable positive impact on Ismael. That’s why he’s quick to recommend that other students join the club too. “The club offers many opportunities to grow and become the best version of yourself possible,” he explains. Ismael shares that there is no reason to fear failure because everyone on the team is willing to provide new members with adequate guidance and support. For him, what matters most isn’t being the best speaker or debater. Instead, he notes, it’s more important to “be the person taking advantage of the most opportunities thrown your way.”




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