I’m very happy that work became a part of my life because it is something that I enjoy and I think it is something that is very important to achieve in your life.

Jasmína, Czech Republic

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Jasmína Orlická

About me

For me, working and doing something that you love is the key to success and happiness: if I am not happy, I am not successful. That’s why I consider myself to be extremely lucky right now, interning at a company that I love straight after completing my studies at IE University.

My passion is photography and I am very fortunate to be working in a field that incorporates this passion, and allows me to pursue my talents even further. I am currently in Prague, working for Havas, a creative agency that manages social media for some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google. I’m working as a digital executive, and I love my position and I have the chance to work on many different tasks within my role. I am able to put my creative mind to the test, working on videos, taking photos for clients, and social media. Working has been an eye-opening experience for me and I am delighted with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in an exciting sector.

I am always trying to improve my skill set, and when not working, I am either running, playing guitar, or singing. IE University helped me to develop critical thinking skills, and my professors helped me to realize my potential throughout the entirety of my studies. My biggest takeaway from my professors is the importance of elevating your classmates and colleagues, as in my creative role, teamwork is hugely important and an invaluable asset for success.

Jasmína Orlická, Czech Republic


Undergraduate student

Jasmina has shown determination in following her passions and making her career goals a reality. By undergoing an internship at Havas in Prague, she is gaining invaluable experience in the field and fostering an important global mindset, which will help her to achieve professional success around the world. We are thrilled to see Jasmina putting all that she has learned at IE University to the test, especially how to always keep on learning and make the most of the opportunities presented to you.

Thanks to the extracurricular opportunities at IE University, Jasmina was able to continue her passions, including sports, music, and photography. Now, she is able to use apply these interests to her work and evolve into a multifaceted professional who stands out from the rest. The international environment IE University fosters has helped Jasmina to settle into her new city with ease and has shown her the importance of making connections throughout the world. We look forward to hearing more about Jasmina’s success in the creative world and we are eager to see where her ambitious mind will lead her.

“IE University has helped me to develop critical thinking, whether it was theory or whether it was just simply working on something creative.”


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