Segovia is a beautiful, small, and safe city with plenty of places to check out. It’s the perfect place to start my time at IE University as I can easily get to know both my peers and professors.

Josefina, Argentina

Josefina Pérez

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Josefina Pérez

About me

I chose to pursue a Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences to better my understanding of how people behave and to look beyond the basics of clinical psychology. Using the skills taught in my degree, I hope to learn how to work and deal with people within businesses and organizations. As a first-year student, I have been shocked by all that IE University has to offer. From its diverse community and amazing professors to its innovative campus and unique offering of lectures, seminars, and exchange programs, IE University has gone above and beyond all of my expectations!


Josefina Pérez, Argentina


University Student

Josefina loves to call Segovia home. Whether she is working at the Student Hub or exploring the city’s surrounding natural beauty, this first-year student takes advantage of every opportunity possible. Pursuing a Bachelor in Behavior and Social Science and participating in both the Dance and Debate clubs, Josefina loves the unique sense of community IE University provides her.

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