Juan Ignacio Checa Díaz- Student Story Bachelor in Business Administration | IE University

Juan Ignacio Checa Díaz

About me

I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, and have Spanish descendancy from my mother’s side. Growing up in Latin America, I was connected to my roots and culture from a young age. However, I have spent most of my life traveling the world and discovering different cultures. This has shaped me into a world citizen—open to multiple ideologies and cultures. From a young age, I have always questioned everything about my surroundings, and have stood out from my colleagues and friends as a natural leader. I would describe myself as a very enthusiastic guy with an open mind and an endless curiosity to learn and constantly improve.

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Juan Ignacio Checa Díaz- Student Story Bachelor in Business Administration | IE University

"Take risks. You will never achieve great things unless you take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Discomfort is life's most significant teacher."

Juan Ignacio Checa Díaz

Complete immersion in the IE Experience

Juan Ignacio has had an entrepreneurial streak from a young age. Determined to be his own boss, he has always been eager to learn all about business. His choice of university had to be both prestigious and offer him the opportunity to do exactly that. Combined with a natural curiosity to live abroad and grow personally alongside his studies, he decided that a Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University was the perfect fit.

And that has definitely been the case, with Juan Ignacio describing the experience as “truly incredible and meaningful.” The campus life and the personal and academic opportunities that he has enjoyed have certainly kept him busy. The list of activities that Juan Ignacio has thrown himself into is extensive. As an IE Student Ambassador, he has represented the University at various events, welcoming new intakes and presenting awards. He also became a mentor, helping new Bachelor in Business Administration students in his second year through the IE University Mentorship Society.

He also found time to volunteer for the Community Development Committee Segovia, chosen by the IE Student Government in 2019–2020. As a volunteer, he helped with the organization, communications and logistics of extracurricular events at IE University such as fundraisers, conferences and social events.

After he moved to the Madrid campus from Segovia for his third year, he was chosen as class representative, and worked with the LEAP 2020 campaign to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Eta in Honduras. And he continues to be very busy—he’s currently working at IE University’s marketing department on a six-month curricular internship, as well as with TEDxIE Madrid as the Audience Experience Coordinator for this year’s TEDxIE Madrid hybrid event.

Despite all his extracurricular activities, Juan Ignacio has put his entrepreneurial vision into practice through his involvement in the Startup Lab, launching his own company in the fitness sector after pitching it to investors in Madrid. He even became social media manager for the Startup Lab, running their official Instagram account.

Overall, Juan Ignacio says he has acquired skills and knowledge in marketing, branding and business development over the course of his studies with IE University. He has completely immersed himself in the IE Experience, and says he has grown into a citizen of the world while learning to balance life, work and fun.

That fun mainly takes the form of physical exercise. He lifts weights and works out daily, swims, and practices yoga. He enjoys meeting new people, plays guitar and sings, and generally aims to fill his life with joy. Looking to the future, he wants to continue his studies at IE University by completing a master’s in communication or digital media.

Looking forward, he wants to specialize in a communications-related business. Ultimately, he sees himself as an entrepreneur with multiple income streams. He’d like to stay in Spain, and given how completely Juan Ignacio has thrown himself into life at IE University, we can’t wait to see how his career progresses.