I envision the possibility of a world where equal rights and universal access to opportunities that improve life exist. I believe that IE University’s education in the field of social science allows me to strengthen my skillset and ability to make positive changes around the world. “

Juliette Josephine, Germany

Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

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Juliette Josephine Bross

About me

After graduating from high school, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in singing and acting. However, I soon realized that it didn’t fulfill me and that I wanted to help make the world a better place. That’s what led me to study the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences at IE University.

Juliette Josephine Bross, Germany


Undergraduate student

Program studied

Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

Juliette has had a really diverse upbringing, having grown up in the suburbs of Frankfurt, Germany but staying in California and New York during her summers and even spending a year at a boarding school in Scotland. She’s also spent time in London where her parents now live.

Her first exposure to widespread economic and racial inequalities is what prompted her decision to study the social sciences. During a family trip to South Africa, Juliette encountered extreme poverty and came to realize that a person’s cultural and socio-economic background determined not only their current reality, but also their future opportunities. Having grown up in a relatively privileged position, she was motivated to make use of what she was given to help others.

When looking for universities that offer programs related to the social sciences, Juliette encountered IE University and the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences. She saw her diversity reflected in IE University’s student body and its values and immediately determined that it was a natural fit for her. She joined IE University and hasn’t looked back since.

Studying social sciences at IE University has allowed Juliette to develop a strong foundation in understanding and tackling the challenges of global inequality and injustice. She especially enjoys applying sociological and psychological principles to social issues. Juliette has already had opportunities to apply her learnings from class to practical settings, having volunteered with local refugee organizations and carrying out a research project on the circular economy. She believes that she now has the basic building blocks to enact positive change in the world and is hoping to be able to work to provide equal access to education and improve people’s lives.

At IE University, Juliette has found a supportive community that fosters her growth as an individual. She’s learned a lot about new cultures by coming into contact with people from different backgrounds. Being half German and half American herself, she’s been able to appreciate the rich diversity of the IE community and considers it to be a highly important part of her time at IE University.

Outside of university, Juliette maintains her passion for music and enjoys singing and playing the piano and the ukulele. She also likes to play tennis, golf and practice yoga regularly. She’s usually surrounded by people in her day-to-day life, spending time with her family, dogs and friends.


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