“I absolutely adore the Segovia campus. Going to school on a campus that's older than the country that I'm from is just incredible.”

Justin, United States

Bachelor in International Relations

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Justin Morgan

About me

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. I'm 20 years old and I'm pursuing the Bachelor in International Relations here at IE University. I decided on the program because it’s a fusion of pretty much everything I'm interested in: writing, cultures from around the world, political science, philosophy—everything I could ask for!

Justin Morgan, United States


Undergraduate student

Immersing himself in the Segovian community

Justin has been aware of IE University for some time. As far back as his junior year of high school, he began attending career fairs and seeing IE University represented. Engaging with us over the course of his senior year, he decided that it was by far his best option out of all the universities he’d seen.

His choice has most certainly been vindicated. Asserting that he “adores” the Segovia campus, marveling at it being older than his home country, he has also immersed himself completely in its diversity. Justin says that a typical campus in the US is isolated and not particularly diverse. Stepping out of that bubble, he says, has enabled him to see the world from entirely different viewpoints.

Justin plays a very active role in the IE Community as Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper The Stork. He manages editorial content and co-manages a team of writers, and is certainly proud of the work done there. He describes the whole experience as “incredible.”

What has most pleased him about the university itself is the people. He praises how open and accessible not just all the people but all the clubs within the community are. This extends, he says, to the classes themselves, where the professors really take the time to get to know each student individually.

Justin is certainly happy with the academic aspect of his IE University experience. He expresses a strong preference for a project-based approach rather than examinations. This is, he says, because he gets a real feeling of satisfaction in what he calls “the payoff” after putting a lot of hard work into something over a long period.

Away from his studies, Justin is definitely a fan of the outdoors. Almost as soon as he arrived in Segovia, he bought a mountain bike to go exploring. It’s an investment that’s paid off, as Justin heads out cycling at least twice a week, as well as going hiking whenever he gets the opportunity.

He’s keen to encourage anybody who may be interested in similar activities, so he posts photos of his adventures to Instagram to show off the beauty of Segovia and its surroundings. That positive attitude is also reflected in Justin’s longer-term ambitions. Looking to get into politics back home, he’s keen to make a contribution to improving his home city in any way he can.

We wish him well in all his endeavors!


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