"I'm happy in Segovia. I think it's the perfect city for studying.”

Kanapat , Thailand

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

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Kanapat Chalermpanth

About me

I have two passions in life: photography and architecture. The second comes from my family. I grew up in an exceptional family environment, where I was instilled with a love for culture, art and design. Because of this passion, that I developed as a child, I decided to study architecture and pursue the same profession as many of my family members. The geometric vision that I've honed through photography, helps me understand spaces in architecture. At IE University, I was able to participate in many events as a photographer, while studying my degree in architecture. I enjoy capturing the soul and art of cities around the world with my camera.

Kanapat Chalermpanth, Thailand


University Alumni

Kanapat is passionate about architecture and the art of photography. He has completed the Degree in Architecture in Segovia, where he has been able to enjoy the tranquility of a small city where time seems to freeze. For him, Segovia has been a perfect setting to capture his images and continue to grow as a photographer architect.

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