I am one of those people that can never sit still; I am fueled by my work until I get to a point when I can’t anymore, and sometimes I have to stop; but I believe there is time to do everything, it is just a question of prioritizing.

Laura, Spain

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Laura Ortega

About me

I speak three languages: Spanish, English, and French and I believe there is always room for more learning. While journalism is my main passion, I also love painting and photography. I never want to stop learning and I have been fortunate enough to travel and gain valuable experience in a range of areas. When looking for a university course that would help me to fulfil my aspirations, I was drawn to the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University. I knew it would encourage me to dig deeper and provide me with the perfect resources to become an innovate individual ready to tackle the challenging field of journalism.

Laura Ortega, Spain


Undergraduate student

Laura has embraced all that we at IE University look for in our students. Laura is the ideal student for our Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media as all her interests align with core aspects of the course: video, social media, marketing, photography, and corporate communication. Furthermore, never wanting to turn down an opportunity, Laura combines her studying with writing for The Stork newspaper, is the Director of the Communication Committee for the student government at IE University’s campus in Segovia, and is responsible for the social media networks of the Theater Club.

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