What IE University helped me with on this path to entrepreneurship is just believing in me and having the resources necessary for entrepreneurship.

Lukas, Czech Republic

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Lukas Macner

About me

For me, success means building something that people really like and having a positive effect on the world. IE University lets students do whatever they set their mind to, and gives them resources in order to be successful in that field. Whatever the motivations of a student are, IE encourages them, opening doors to institutions where they can realize their potential. IE University helped me on my path to entrepreneurship by believing in me and providing the resources necessary for entrepreneurship.

Lukas Macner, Czech Republic


Undergraduate student

Lukas Macner currently lives in Dublin, Ireland where he works in sales development at LinkedIn. While many of his previous opportunities came about because of connections, this one was directly through IE University. After seeing a posting for the Business Leadership Program Associate through the university, he said to himself, “OK, I’m going to apply”—and the rest is history. The program works on a rotational basis, meaning Lukas works in different departments every few months. This has allowed him to experience the running of a company from a number of angles, preparing him for his professional future.

In his free time, Lukas likes to relax from his hectic work schedule by hanging out with friends or taking part in different sports, whether it be running, gym, table tennis, or mountain biking. In general, he doesn’t plan his sports routine, and just does whatever he feels like in the moment. The exception to this is the mountain biking. Most Saturdays, he can be found with his bike on one of the many picturesque trails that are easily accessible from Dublin.

“Success, for me, means building something that people really like and having positive externalities on the world.”


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