“The different experiences, backgrounds and thoughts that we build on, is the path that we are creating for ourselves, full of surprises and challenges. Let the flow begin and let yourself be impressed by where life takes you.”

Maia, Colombia

Bachelor in Behavioral and Social Sciences

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Maia Benzadon

About me

My life has been a bit of a roller coaster so far, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was born in Colombia, and moved from country to country until I was 12. After that, I spent two years in Brazil, before moving to Madrid where I’ve been for the past six years. Thanks to moving around a lot, I’ve been lucky enough to go to a lot of international schools which helped prepare me for my time at IE University. My varied experiences have allowed me to develop an open mindset, overcome barriers and adapt to many different kinds of situations. I have a lot of interests, so when I’m not studying, you’ll find me socializing with friends, reading books or playing sports.

Maia Benzadon, Colombia


Undergraduate student

Maia Benzadon on her “magical” experience at IE University

Maia Benzadon clearly thrives on variation, and that’s one of the reasons why she decided to study the Bachelor in Behavioral and Social Sciences at IE University. The program’s interdisciplinary nature is particularly appealing to her, as it’s a mixture of business, sociology, psychology, marketing, law and data analysis—areas that she can picture herself working in in the future. The program has broadened her perspective, and she’s realized that she’d like to work as a consumer behavior expert—a pathway that combines her interests in social connections and behavioral economics.

And as for IE University itself, Maia describes her time here as “magical,” and she’s felt that way since her very first day in Segovia when she met people from different backgrounds and felt like she was living in a “historical movie” campus. On a personal level, she feels like IE University has helped her grow a lot and become more mature and decisive. For her, it’s a place that brings out each student’s true potential while challenging and encouraging them to develop their own unique skills. Additionally, Maia says that she’s been able to improve her teamwork skills through a diverse range of group projects and challenges. And it’s not only her peers who have motivated her to develop as a person—she also finds great value in approaching professors who offer additional support like tutoring and dedicated office hours.

It’s not just the academic side of IE University that Maia has been making the most of throughout her degree. She’s also been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and clubs to help boost her CV and get as much out her university experience as possible. In her first year, she joined the Behavioral Economics Club to complement her studies. She developed a passion for the field due to its combination of economics and the study of human behavior, which includes how people make decisions to improve themselves and the psychology behind both positive and negative choices.

Like every student, Maia understands the importance of finding an internship to help her prepare for her professional career. She noticed that this is difficult for first-year students, however, due to their lack of professional experience. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her ambitions. In search of a brand new challenge, she decided to join the Social Impact Lab, and quickly started managing social media for Fundación CADETE, a non-profit organization that facilitates the social integration of children and young people with different disabilities. This rewarding experience taught her the ins and outs of social media from a business perspective—from gaining an in-depth understanding of Instagram, to making marketing plans and working with tight deadlines.

In her second year, Maia joined a seminar called “Homo no Economicus—irrationality in COVID-19 crisis.” During this initiative, she learned about how the decision-making process works in human beings, and how people react to unprecedented situations like the current pandemic. Next semester, she will be joining the Marketing Lab which will teach her more about brand-building and strategy.

Maia also holds a lot of interests outside the classroom, and thinks it’s important to set aside some time for your hobbies and social life. When she’s not grabbing a coffee with friends, she loves to listen to music, read, bake and play sports like volleyball, football and running. Her life philosophy is to never stop being impressed by what life throws at you. For her, it’s a combination of going with the flow and trying new experiences that keep you on your toes.


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