“There were a lot of factors that made me choose IE University—the most important being how international it is.”

Malak, Egypt

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Malak Metwally

About me

I’m Malak Metwally, a first-year Bachelor in Business Administration student. I’ve lived in Cairo, Egypt my whole life, which played a large part in my choice to spend my first two years at IE University in Segovia—I wanted to experience life in a small town before moving to a big city. I enjoy playing sports and am particularly passionate about squash. I’ve played for over ten years and have competed in both national and international tournaments. I also love reading or listening to music while watching the sun set behind the hills of Segovia.

Malak Metwally, Egypt


Undergraduate student

Business as usual in Segovia

Malak’s decision to attend IE University was highly influenced by the university’s international environment. The fact that her friends come from various countries and backgrounds is one of her favorite parts of her day-to-day at school. She loves that she can learn from them and experience important parts of their cultures, giving the recent US presidential election as an example in today’s globalized world.

Having always been interested in the inner workings of companies, she immediately knew that she wanted to study a business-related degree. The Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University ticked all the boxes for Malak, especially because it fosters creativity.

What’s more, she finds the wide range of seminars and labs helpful for her professional skills. Malak has attended seminars based on focus, productivity and resilience, and reflects fondly on the skills she’s learned. Her time in the Econ Datalab allowed her to work on a project with UNICEF, and she feels quite fortunate to be able to work closely with representatives from leading companies as a first-year student. Through this, she learned the importance of teamwork, also noting the support offered by IE University professors.

Attending classes in the afternoon, Malak has been able to take advantage of her mornings to get the most out of the day. A typical day for her includes breakfast, a workout, a walk along the river or spending time relaxing with a good book. After her classes, she unwinds for a bit before hitting the textbooks. Later, she’ll meet up with her friends for dinner or to just hang out. Then she works a bit more and calls it a night. Malak enjoys her classes, but also just loves being a student in general. From studying on campus to participating in IE University-led events, she makes sure to soak up every moment.

As for her future, she would like to work in a field related to sports or music because that’s where her true passion lies. She is interested in teaching and thinks it’s likely that she’ll pursue a career in education. Malak is inspired by Wayne Gretzy’s words, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Whatever path she takes, we look forward to watching Malak grow personally and professionally.