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Manuel Concepción | IE University

Manuel Concepción

About me

I’m from the Canary Islands and moved to Madrid about eight years ago. I’m currently studying the Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Data and Business Analytics. As a third-year student, I’ve enjoyed the journey thus far, and I have high hopes for the marketability of the skills I am learning here.

Manuel Concepción
Undergraduate Student
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Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics
Manuel Concepción | IE University

"I have enjoyed the journey thus far, and I have high hopes for the marketability of the skills I am learning here."

Manuel Concepción

A Dual Degree to shape a marketable profile

When searching for universities, Manuel had two simple requirements: he wanted to find a university that he liked, and one that put a strong focus on employability. When he found that IE University offered the opportunity to simultaneously study both the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics (PPLE) and the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics, he knew he had found a Dual Degree program that fit him like a glove. He has no doubt that this combination of studies will prove attractive to prospective future employers.

Manuel is very happy with his IE University journey thus far, especially in terms of academics. One thing Manuel particularly enjoys is when professors “go unorthodox,” adapting their courses to an event or development currently taking place, bringing the content closer to the cutting edge of the sector in question.

Manuel especially appreciates that the program direction and IE Talent & Careers have been very engaged with students’ concerns regarding methodology, employment opportunities and information about internships. He says he is grateful for their effort, as they help students to take potentially foggy university years and give them shape and direction.

Club activities have also been very enjoyable opportunities to get to know more people. Manuel is constantly surprised at the diverse personalities he encounters. When not spending time with friends, Manuel reads a lot in his day to day, and sometimes he writes to collect his thoughts or clear his mind. He likes to live by the maxim of “work hard, rest hard,” so he spends much of his day, as he likes to define it, “vibing.”

Manuel emphasizes how crucial it is that students of data and statistics fully learn their trade before letting anyone trust them with their data or business systems. Getting practice ahead of time is fundamental to starting strong and developing a good reputation. Manuel is currently collaborating on a research paper, and he’s finding it easier to identify small mistakes, especially when he comes across topics he’s already encountered in class.

Professionally, Manuel would like to go into consulting or developing his own business, something that operates on the principle of teaching specialized skills to help companies and individuals achieve their objectives. He’s not quite sure what that will look like yet, but he’s confident that the combination of the solid academic foundation he is building, the broad IE University network and the guidance offered by IE Talent & Careers, he will find the path that best fits his goals and aspirations.