María José Jiménez Orozco

María José Jiménez Orozco

About me

I’m María José, originally from Mexico City. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the way the world works. From astronomy to geology, science has always ignited a spark of curiosity in me. The Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability is a perfect fit for me—it offers just the right mix of scientific knowledge and hands-on application. Aside from science, I’m also passionate about the arts. The diverse range of clubs available at IE University allows me to pursue my interests in dance, art, fashion, film and literature in my free time.

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María José Jiménez Orozco

"Being able to get diverse points of view that stem from very different backgrounds has allowed me to broaden my perspective—and it feeds my hunger for knowledge."

María José Jiménez Orozco

Igniting the spark of curiosity through hands-on science

María José is living proof that art and science do mix. Pretty much all of her hobbies are artistic in nature, yet she’s thrown herself into a STEM program at IE University. One of the things she likes most about the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability is the way the program’s teachings can be applied to society, economics and culture generally. It allows her to not only understand how the world works but also gain the tools to influence it in positive ways. 

Going beyond the engaging curriculum, María José has also enjoyed her experiences outside the classroom. The international nature of the institution combined with the experiential style of learning has given her access to diverse points of view from people with very different backgrounds to her own. This, she says, feeds her hunger for knowledge and broadens her own perspectives.

Getting hands-on in nature

The hands-on learning style that’s a fundamental part of IE University immediately appealed to María José. The field trips designed to help students revise and apply what they learn in the classroom have given her the opportunity to conduct real research. She has enjoyed the enriching experience of being close to nature, collecting samples for later analysis at the cutting-edge university laboratories. And she’s actually excited when midterms and finals roll around and she has to convert her experiments into project proposals; this gives her plenty of practice in the art of turning research into writing.

When asked about her favorite courses in the program, María José says that Society, Land and Environment has her “heart and brain.” Tackling different environmental and social phenomena through strategic thinking, while keeping both sustainability and key stakeholders like environmental authorities and businesses in mind, is a satisfying challenge. In particular, she cites the benefit of hearing firsthand from experts in the field, who share insights into everything from water management to mining and urbanization. 

Though she confesses it’s her most difficult class, her other favorite is Chemistry. From a young age, María José has always loved learning about how the world works. Now, she connects with that “inner child” curiosity when doing experiments or learning about reactions and compound properties.

María José Jiménez OrozcoThe importance of enjoying your learning

When we asked for her advice for anybody considering the same program, María José was unequivocal. Studying a STEM program like hers requires the right foundations in scientific disciplines like chemistry, mathematics and physics. The classes can be complex, with a lot of formulae and numbers, so she recommends a lot of practice to get used to the different models and challenges the program presents. But at the same time, she urges students to enjoy the process of learning.

Though she accepts that classes, homework and extracurricular activities can feel like heavy tasks, it’s important to remember why you want to study the program and just how far you can go with the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability. “Don’t be afraid to participate in class or make mistakes,” she says. These experiences are the best way to learn and make your own contribution to your community and the world.

Even with a heavy academic workload, María José is convinced of the importance of balancing studies and hobbies. She’s carved out time to participate in many of the clubs offered within the IE Community. She’s an officer in the fashion club, has collaborated with the SDG Club, and can often be found joining the Film Club for a movie night at the creativity center. She also dances with the Dance Club, paints with the Art Club, and discusses novels with the Book Club.

There are a lot of great events run by cultural clubs as well, like the Mexico Club and the Latino Club. She encourages everyone to sign up for as many clubs as possible and see where the events take them. María José certainly proves that there are no limits to combining science with art, classes with extracurriculars, and learning with enjoyment.