“Looking back, I really enjoyed my time in Madrid, and I was able to develop both personally and professionally.”

Marie, Germany

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Marie Ostermaier

About me

I am Marie Ostermaier and I come from Germany. I study International Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and I spent my semester abroad at IE University in Madrid. Although I have always lived in Germany, I have seen many parts of the world and have traveled to a lot of different destinations. I play football as a hobby and also enjoy jogging and going to the gym.

Marie Ostermaier, Germany


Undergraduate Student

A cultural journey of self-discovery

Marie enjoyed her time abroad in Madrid to the fullest. In just a few months, she met many new, interesting people and immediately felt very much at home in the city. As she is a sociable person who enjoys spending time with others and is open to new experiences and opportunities, she appreciated the fact that she could meet people from a variety of countries and cultures. She made true friends during that time and even today is still in contact with some of them.

Additionally, Marie was impressed that Madrid as a city has so much to offer. As a keen runner, she particularly liked the Retiro Park in Madrid, in which she found a good running route. Although her stay coincided with the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was not greatly affected by it and there were few restrictions. She also took advantage of the numerous student clubs, which are also open to exchange students. As a keen footballer, she joined the IE Women’s Football Team, enabling her to get to know people from other degree programs.

Marie’s studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management include two overseas semesters. After her stay in Madrid, she went abroad for her second semester in Rome shortly afterwards—so she lived in two different countries for about four months each. During this time, she says, she learned a lot about herself and also about different cultures and their habits.

After graduating, Marie would like to study for a master’s degree, ideally somewhere abroad. She is particularly interested in programs in the field of management. Another option she would consider is that of undertaking a longer internship after finishing her bachelor’s degree and then starting a master’s program the following year. Whatever she chooses, we know she’ll throw herself into it completely.