“IE University was the only university that provided me the chance to study comparative law in a classroom full of diverse languages, cultures, and variety, which I knew would make me feel at ease.”

Marieta, Spain

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

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Marieta Lanseros

About me

I’m originally from Spain, but migrated to the United States at an early age—a change that gave me a lifelong international perspective. I always knew I wanted to attend an institution with a similar culture, and after having met so many different types of people growing up, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in law. IE University was the only university that provided me the chance to study comparative law in a classroom full of diverse languages, cultures, and variety, which I knew would make me feel at ease. I can't comprehend the incredible connections I've established in the different disciplines of law and with other members of the IE University community after four years here. If someone asked me if I would change this university for any other, I would reply without hesitation that I wouldn’t!

Marieta Lanseros, Spain


Undergraduate student

Program studied

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Paving a brighter future for family law

Marieta Lanseros has found her path. After four years of the Bachelor of Laws at IE University and three different internships at reputable law firms, the bright young legal professional has decided to dedicate her career to family law—more specifically, to giving children more and better rights.

So how did she come to this conclusion?

Marieta started at IE University bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She was thrilled to dive into an environment where she’d be surrounded by diverse people from different cultures and mother tongues—and even from different programs, as is the case with certain elective courses. She chose to study law as she considers herself a “people person” and strives to help others. Her end goal has always been to improve legislation in order to improve lives.

Throughout her four years at IE University, Marieta seized as many professional opportunities as she could, knowing this would help her land a dream job come graduation.

Right from her first year, she started working at WE Family Offices, an independent fiduciary firm in the US, assisting the head corporate attorney in the revision of contracts and counseling clients on the valuation of their businesses. She also analyzed companies’ tax reports to make sure they both benefited the business and were IRS compliant.

Continuing her streak of professional success, in her second year she worked at US family law firm Perez-Abreu & Martin-Lavielle. There, she assisted with the drafting of custody agreements on the termination of parental rights and child support, ensuring equitable outcomes for children affected by divorce. This professional experience helped her discover her passion for family law, and kept her motivated to keep learning and growing at IE University.

Her last year in the program, Marieta completed a six-month internship in an office called Legaltrade, where she assessed companies’ claims regarding matters such as commercial transactions. She prepared all the necessary documentation to file a motion to have a case heard in court. Knowing of her interest in the field, her boss allowed her to work with both the jury of family law and the jury of commercial law, helping her deepen her knowledge.

These experiences as a whole helped Marieta develop her ideas for the future of children’s rights. After witnessing how minors are treated in court when it comes to family conflicts like divorce, she realized how little rights they really have, and has set her mind to becoming a family lawyer.

Now, having just graduated from the Bachelor of Laws at IE University, she feels prepared to reach her goals. With a bachelor’s degree from a renowned university, three internships, and a strong global network of peers in the legal field under her belt, Marieta is ready for anything. Her next challenge? Applying to law school in the United States to become a certified, practicing US lawyer.

When she’s not chasing her professional dreams, Marieta likes to exercise, whether it be running, boxing or playing tennis. She also loves spending time with friends and meeting as many new people as possible. A true people person, the young legal professional lives by a motto: “It’s not about how far you go in life, but rather how you get there and who you bring along.”

We wish Marieta the best in her next chapter in the US.


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