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Pablo Chamorro Casero

About me

My name is Pablo Chamorro Casero. My parents are from the Spanish peninsula, but I was born in the Canary Islands. I’ve always had an international mindset, especially as I’ve spent months at a time in the United Kingdom and in Lindau, Germany in order to improve my English and German language skills. I’m now living in Segovia while I study my Dual Degree. I really like programming, politics, economics and philosophy, and having the opportunity to study a degree that encompasses all of my educational desires feels like a gift from IE University.

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Pablo Chamorro Casero | IE University

"I believe that IE University encourages students to start developing their career skills from the very start."

Pablo Chamorro Casero

A Dual Degree with myriad possibilities

Pablo chose IE University mainly because of the outstanding multiculturalism it offers. He feels that being part of such a diverse community gives students the possibility not only to learn from other cultures directly, but also to see how being raised in one country or another can determine each individual’s way of reasoning. Although Pablo wasn’t sure what to expect, he has been thrilled to discover that the social circles at IE University are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

One of the other key factors that attracted him to IE University was the fact that he could study both the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics (PPLE) and the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics. These two degrees, which Pablo recognizes may not seem related at first glance, are actually quite intertwined. Pablo’s studies have shown him how most political and economic policies have data behind them which supports their implementation. He is someone who enjoys programming, but also politics, economics and philosophy, and he believes that both fields of study feed back into each other and reinforce one another in a powerful way.

In addition to thoroughly enjoying his studies, Pablo has also had a positive experience in IE University clubs. He participated in quite a few this year, including the Italian Society and the IE Investment Club. He appreciates that students have the freedom to join without being obligated to go to all of the meetings, as most students have classes and other activities to attend. Pablo is looking forward to joining the debate club next year, although he says it’s still a mystery how he will find the time to keep doing everything else—so many interesting things to do, and so little time!

Pablo has felt thoroughly supported by IE University on a personal and professional level. Sadly, at the beginning of his second year, Pablo found himself faced with the death of two of his grandparents. During this painful time, he says he experienced the greatest personal help from IE University—professors and administration were completely understanding of his need to miss class in order to attend to his family’s needs.

In terms of professional support, Pablo appreciates the way IE University encourages students to start developing their career skills from the very start, offering the services of IE Talent & Careers team and tools such as the Career Portal. He is driven by the way IE University encourages students to develop their own CV—a crucial step for future jobs and professional life. Moreover, he finds it “absolutely excellent” that most bachelor’s degrees offer both the option of internships and international exchanges.

Pablo’s favorite hobby is surfing, although being in Madrid makes it impossible in his day-to-day life. This has given him the chance to find other hobbies he didn’t know he enjoyed, such as kickboxing and going to the gym. These activities, he says, serve as his university psychology and his stress relief. But, he isn’t overly reliant on them, as over time he has developed the power to moderate his stress and deal with it well. He enjoys going to the gym more so as a way of showing himself the willpower he has and teaching himself that the first person you have to work on in order to be successful is yourself.

There is a quote from Gabriel García Márquez that Pablo uses as inspiration: “What matters in life is not what happens to you, but what you remember and how you remember it.” Apart from García Márquez being his favorite writer, Pablo also feels that this quote emphasizes that the way you face your problems shows how brave and intelligent you are—it shows you who you are.

Although Pablo doesn’t know exactly what his career path will look like, he has no shortage of ideas of what the future could hold. Among the professions he is considering are those of politician, economist, programmer/data analyst or diplomat. On the short-term horizon, he would like to finish some projects he has in mind and take part in an internship—hopefully at Deloitte or another well-known data analytics company. He would like to take advantage of all the resources that IE University has on offer in order to be able to succeed in his professional life.