“While this adventure is coming to an end, I can say that I am extremely happy about the choice I made four years ago. IE University has given me the preparation I needed to immerse myself in the corporate world.”

Paula, Spain

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

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Paula García

About me

I’ve lived in Madrid my whole life, so I am very curious about other cultures and enjoy meeting new people. I’m in my final year of the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics program and have loved my IE University adventure so far! I try to challenge myself professionally and live by the idea that “you will never regret being brave.”

Paula García, Spain


Undergraduate student

A life in Madrid and a global mindset

Having lived in Madrid for the past 21 years, Paula was seeking a way to branch out and get to know other cultures. The diversity at IE University enticed her to apply, alongside the unique nature of her future program. As she nears the end of her IE University adventure, Paula is happy about the decision she made and feels prepared to immerse herself in the corporate world.

Paula tested the waters of the corporate world when she completed her first internship last summer. She is now looking for a graduate role with the support of IE Talent & Careers. Paula considers the posting of job opportunities on the careers portal a unique advantage over students at other universities.

Outside of her academic life at IE University, Paula enjoys sports and being active. In her first year, she was part of the swimming club at the Segovia campus. Although she has since returned to Madrid and has taken up more “urban” sports—such as going to the gym with friends—Paula is excited to get back into swimming, specifically in the pool at the newly opened IE Tower.

Paula spends her free time with friends, chilling in Retiro Park and trying out new restaurants in the city for dinner. Keeping her program in mind, she was also a member of the IE Big Data & AI Club where she met other professional leaders in the data science industry.

Luckily for Paula, being part of the data science industry means she can find work without pursuing a master’s degree. However, she would consider coming back to study in a few years for a master’s in a field she is truly passionate about. For now, Paula is excited to start work once she graduates in June 2022, and is looking forward to using the skills she learned at IE University.