I am super passionate about what I am doing and really satisfied with the choice of working for Salesforce today

Philippine , French

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Philippine Domange

About me

I’m a person that likes to get involved and think outside the box. IE University is the perfect place to surround yourself with diversity, new opportunities, and culture. When looking for a university and professional opportunities, values like open-mindedness, an international mindset, communication, passion, and the energy to go above and beyond in everything you do were important to me. I feel lucky to have been able to surround myself with these values at IE University and to have had the opportunity to participate in an internship with an inspiring international company that shares my values and which taught me something new every day.

Philippine Domange, French


Undergraduate student

Her diverse community and team-based experience at IE University taught her how to most successfully work in dynamic teams and communicate with people from around the globe, helping her quickly adapt to the international environment at Salesforce. In three years at IE University, she gained fundamental experience adapting to different team environments and helping organize teams to optimize productivity. Taking classes in digital business and big data also helped her get the most out of the internship with a background in tech and knowledge of the latest innovations relevant to the work she would do during her time in Dublin.

Philippine Domange learned the importance of networking and participating in as many extracurricular activities as possible when she was introduced to the speaker of a “How to be more customer-centric” conference in Madrid. The inspiring speaker became her career mentor and told her about an opportunity to intern at Salesforce. After being chosen for a summer internship at Salesforce’s EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, Philippine spent 10 weeks with 15 interns from around Europe and the US learning solution engineering and business development, working on dynamic projects, volunteering, and learning new tools and techniques in an innovative environment from welcoming team mentors.

The internship at Salesforce allowed Philippine to grow both personally and professionally. Being immersed in a different culture, with the opportunity to explore and learn alongside diverse individuals, made the experience unforgettable. Not only did the interns share a tight-knit professional experience with a family feel, they forged long-lasting relationships while exploring Dublin and beyond and listening to each other’s diverse and inspiring stories.

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“I really wanted to discover higher education in a very international way. I wanted to grow up in a very diverse environment and very multicultural as well. I wanted to learn a lot about the practice and not only about theory and IE University really gave me this opportunity.”


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