“I've gotten very used to Spain lifestyle, I love the food, and I caught on to the language so I can get around without any problem”.

Reem, Lebanon

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

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Reem Hageali

About me

I’ve always enjoyed math and been good at it, and since Big Data is the future, it made sense for me to pursue a degree in this area. I’m originally from Lebanon but I knew I wanted to move to Europe. In fact, this was one of the main reasons I chose IE University, with the other being the program itself. I didn’t have much background in programming before coming and knowing we could learn the basics in the first year really appealed to me. Now in my second year, the program is becoming more advanced. It’s a challenge—but it’s one I’m ready for.

Reem Hageali, Lebanon


University student

Lebanese-born Reem Hageali is a perfect example of how dedicated individuals can achieve anything they set their minds to. Although naturally mathematically oriented, Reem doesn’t come from a computer science background. She began the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics with only a basic knowledge of programming. But that hasn’t stopped her. She has successfully completed her first year and is working hard to keep up with the ever-challenging course content. Alongside her own personal drive and dedication, Reem credits the professors—especially Professor Rafif Srour—with inspiring her to work even harder.

In her free time, Reem generally likes to relax with a show or a movie or hang out with friends. This was something she particularly enjoyed about the campus located in Segovia. There was always a buzz of activity with people around to spend some time with. She’s now moved to the campus located in Madrid, and she feels the effect of the shift from small-city to big-city living. But having adapted to the Spanish lifestyle and picked up enough Spanish to get by with ease, there’s plenty still in store for Reem in the Spanish capital.


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