“IE University stands out from other universities for its academic uniqueness, all of its programs blend business and the humanities”.

Sanae , Tanzania

Bachelor in International Relations

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Sanae Kiunsi

About me

I was born in Tanzania, on the eastern coast of central Africa. Though I had never visited Spain, I had wanted to study here since high school. I had a Spanish teacher, and I think that is what first inspired my curiosity about Spain. Now, I’ve just started my second year here at IE University and I feel at home in Segovia. I love to walk around the city, interact with the locals, and discover beautiful spots far from typical tourist routes.

Sanae Kiunsi, Tanzania


Undergraduate student

Sanae is passionate about writing about pressing issues. She had the opportunity to work in Namibia, researching development policies, especially those in place in African countries. Now, in Segovia, she’s taking a class that addresses these same topics. She feels that International Relations should promote progress and she wants to stay in this field and, if possible, use what she’s learned to contribute to development in different African states. She continues to follow her journalism passion and she is one of the incoming editors of the “The Stork,” IEU’s student-run newspaper.

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