“What is fantastic about IE university is that it provides extensive resources for proactive students. I always tried to be as involved as possible within the student community.”

Sebastian, Austria

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

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Sebastian Arnold

About me

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria and I spent my entire primary and secondary education there—apart from a semester-long exchange trip to China. After leaving high school, during my gap year, I went back to learn Chinese. This experience motivated me to study abroad and pursue an education that would not only challenge me, but also expand my network. In my free time, I like to take part in a wide range of activities, from pottery and woodworking to hiking, cooking and gardening.

Sebastian Arnold, Austria


Undergraduate student

Having experienced what it was like to live abroad, Sebastian was eager to make sure his university experience was as diverse as possible. He counts this as one of the main reasons—along with the focus on entrepreneurship—for choosing IE University.

Sebastian began his IE University journey in Segovia, where he got the opportunity to experience the institution’s great community, while also gaining access to incredible resources. As a highly proactive student, Sebastian put these to use as quickly as possible. He co-founded the Political Think Tank Club and successfully ran in the student elections to become President of the Student Government.

Achievements like this, while immersed in the IE University environment, have allowed Sebastian to grow “tremendously on a professional and personal level.” Aside from the opportunities, he credits this growth to inspirational fellow students on one hand, and the hands-on faculty on the other.

Sebastian studies both business and law, and is very pleased with his decision. He is very grateful to have a solid foundation in both of these extremely important fields. As part of the IE Fellowship program, he was afforded the opportunity to help two world-class legal professionals, Marco de Benito and Francisco de Elizalde. Likewise, IE University’s entrepreneurial focus has helped to foster his ambition and push himself out of his comfort zone. Sebastian even got an opportunity to co-found his own startup with support from experts in the field thanks to the Venture Lab.

Outside of class and campus clubs, Sebastian’s restless curiosity leads him to take part in a number of creative pursuits, including painting, pottery and woodwork. Most recently, he has discovered a passion for gardening. These interests are balanced with his love for the outdoors. Having grown up close to the Alps, he really enjoys being in the mountains. In summer, he goes hiking and climbing; and in winter skiing and sledging.

Over the last two years at IE University, Sebastian has been a part-time intern at a boutique law firm in Madrid, which complemented his studies and allowed him to put what he was learning into practice. However, after graduating, he hopes to take a more entrepreneurial route and build his startup Clamo, which he founded with his classmate Rodrigo Ortiz. Clamo facilitates the relationship between consumers and companies, empowering them to resolve their customer service issues more efficiently.

With so many varied interests, it can be difficult to see where Sebastian has time to fit it all in. While he is certainly an ambitious and proactive individual, the secret to his boundless energy can be found in his favorite quote: “Spend enough time of your day to ensure you can enjoy tomorrow, but use the rest of the time to enjoy today.”

Whatever tomorrow holds for Sebastian, we’re sure he’ll enjoy it every step of the way.


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