“Find beauty and happiness in the little things.”

Sebastian, Nicaragua

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

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Sebastian Idelfonso

About me

Unlike your typical IE University student, my entire life until now was spent in one house, city and country: Managua, Nicaragua. The place I call home is warm and full of life, yet politically unstable and disorganized—a colorful mess that shaped me into who I am today. My time there taught me about the small things that truly make life beautiful, but after being surrounded by the same people and things, I wanted to shake things up a bit. I was looking for something diverse, full of opportunity and far away. This led me to IE University as it promised everything I was looking for at that moment.

Sebastian Idelfonso, Nicaragua


Undergraduate student

Creativity as a guide to professional fulfillment

While Sebastian didn’t always dream of becoming an architect, he did know his natural creativity needed an outlet. Dedicating his high school years to debate and international relations, Sebastian increasingly saw creativity as his calling and decided to pursue a career that would allow him to create, be challenged and find joy in his work.

When looking for a place to study, IE University checked all of the boxes. The Bachelor in Architectural Studies offered Sebastian everything he wanted in a program: an international student body and faculty; room for creativity in his studies; prestige; a gorgeous campus far from home; and the opportunity to study abroad.

At IE University, Sebastian realized his love for architecture. He loves the versatility of the discipline, especially when looking at the bigger picture to discover what makes an object or design tick. Sebastian believes that architecture is a reflection of our reality and the things we do within it.

Sebastian was active in many areas while attending IE University, committed to balancing his in-class studies with his personal passions. He organized an architecture expo, volunteered at a Bauhaus congress and served as the class delegate three times. Sebastian also co-founded both the student-run design magazine, Prologue and the Student Sustainability Talk, which is held each semester. He took advantage of the vast amount of opportunities given to him surrounding his degree.

Sebastian didn’t stop there. IE University took him beyond the walls of the campus and allowed him to practice architecture in four different countries. He completed internships with Ingenhoven Architects in Düsseldorf, Germany and Izaskun Chinchilla Architects in Madrid, Spain. Working with these two contrasting design studios offered Sebastian further insight into the variety of the profession. Sebastian was also able to attend a workshop in Tokyo and study abroad in Budapest—both serving as enriching and eye-opening experiences.

When Sebastian isn’t working, he enjoys finding ways to channel his creativity, such as cooking and creating 2D and 3D art. Sebastian also loves meeting new people and going out for a drink with his friends. In regard to his next step, his curiosity makes it difficult for him to foresee one exact future. Sebastian feels fulfilled so long as he can create and design, which means space to express himself is his only requirement for an enriching professional path. One day, Sebastian would like to launch a multidisciplinary studio that allows all types of design without limits. For now, he just wants to enjoy the ride and see where his creativity will take him.


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