“We’re living in a world that is rapidly changing. The skills that we as young people need in order to thrive in the future is adaptability, flexibility, and being ready for whatever is to come.”

Sergio , Angola-Germany

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Sergio Nuhrmann

About me

I chose IE University because I was excited to pursue an international experience while focusing on the academic areas that I find most interesting. The Bachelor in Business Administration was definitely the right choice for me. The course offers a great balance of business, finance, and marketing, and has given me an overview of everything I need to confidently pursue my future goals. What’s more, working with a range of people from all kinds of backgrounds has allowed me to develop my teamwork and management skills. I’ve learned to encourage others to share their experiences and perspectives, and bring these together to form a cohesive presentation. Besides the course, I’ve been able to pursue my passions outside of the classroom and visit some truly special places around Spain.

Sergio Nuhrmann, Angola-Germany


Undergraduate student

Originally born in South Africa, Sergio Nuhrmann comes from a highly international background. Having lived in Angola, Mexico, and Portugal, he originally fell in love with Spain after spending time traveling around the country and exploring its rich culture and people. What most excited him about staying in Madrid was the vitality of the city and its citizens. He wanted to surround himself with like-minded young people eager to bring their ideas to life and share their experiences, and has found this and more at IE University.

Sergio was able to put his productivity and time-management skills to the test while playing professional soccer for Real Madrid. Balancing his studies with this significant commitment enabled him to prove his ability to balance his workload, and it’s something he continues to strive for. He still relishes the chance to work together as a team when playing soccer with his friends or practicing CrossFit, where he finds great satisfaction helping people of all abilities come together to succeed as a team.

Thanks to the skills he has developed both inside and outside the classroom, Sergio is confident he can tackle any challenge in the future. He is focused on becoming the best version of himself, and fearlessly taking advantage of any opportunity that arises.


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