“There must be balance in the universe, and when anything bad happens, something good will always come.”

Soňa Mária, Slovakia

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Soňa Mária Gajdošová

About me

My name is Soňa and I am a first year student in the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University. I come from Slovakia, a very small country that boasts beautiful nature, castles, caves and other natural wonders. Although I have lived there my whole life, I have taken every opportunity to travel, especially around Europe. From my city in Slovakia, you can get to Hungary, Poland and Ukraine within three hours, which makes life very fun! I went from living in a very small village with just 1,000 inhabitants to a bigger town, and then on to the second biggest city in Slovakia for high school. My next step was moving to Spain to attend IE University, and for me, this journey symbolizes how dreams can become a reality.

Soňa Mária Gajdošová , Slovakia


Undergraduate student

Soňa was always told that languages can take you wherever you want in life. It was because of this advice that she decided to take Spanish in high school, an experience that caused her to fall in love with Spain. Having been educated in English, she wanted to continue with both languages and began searching for Spanish universities that teach through English. This is how Soňa came across the IE University website—and she realized it was exactly what she was looking for!

Ever since arriving, Soňa has been thrilled with IE University’s incredible environment. She’s thankful to be able to experience the best of both worlds, spending two years of her degree in Segovia and the other two years in Madrid. The beautiful small town of Segovia, with an amazing close-knit community and access to nature, contrasts wonderfully with the vibrant, metropolitan city of Madrid where there is always something going on.

After easily deciding on IE University, Soňa found it more difficult to choose a degree program. She picked the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media because she wanted to combine learning about the ever-changing world of business and marketing with modules focusing on creativity, such as digital media. She was looking for the freedom to explore her interests while developing concrete skills for success in the future.

This is something present across all IE University programs, with a wide selection of curricular and extracurricular classes, electives and various events like workshops. In Soňa’s case, she has had many opportunities to personalize her degree through labs, advanced seminars, humanities and language courses, and much more. She believes that this holistic approach shapes students to think like world leaders without them even realizing. And, beyond gaining professional skills, IE University has also provided many useful advice and tips on perfecting her CV.

But for Soňa, coming to IE University was about balancing hard professional skills with her passions. With so many clubs and events, Soňa is very active on campus and has recently joined a new up-and-coming magazine called the Avant-Garde. When not working on the magazine, Soňa can be found in the IE Creativity Center, whether studying with friends, watching movies in the attic, jamming in the music room, playing games, dancing or anything else!

A typical university day for Soňa begins with getting ready and attending classes. She then tries to get any work done straight after so that she can enjoy her evenings. Her hobbies include reading books, watching TV shows, hanging out with her friends and even doing study sessions. Soňa also has some more unique pastimes, including 3D modelling and animation, which she wants to be able to use in her future career.

Apart from this, she enjoys creating various makeup looks, which allow her to treat her face as a blank canvas. On any given day, she can decide the character she wants to become! While Soňa is looking forward to the opening of the student dance club in Segovia, she does some dancing by herself in the meantime. She also spends her time learning Japanese, as she loves the language, finding it challenging but rewarding.

In terms of career paths, Soňa has already enrolled in the Marketing and Consumer Insights lab as part of her degree. This has allowed her to glimpse what a future internship could look like, while also providing the opportunity to explore something new. At the minute, she is planning to pursue a master’s degree after graduation. That said, if she gets a really interesting job interview, she may choose that path too! In her own words: “nobody knows yet what the future holds.”