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Tomas Vintimilla

About me

I’m Tomas and I’m from Quito, Ecuador. Even though I was born in Belgium and lived in Colombia for a few years, I have spent most of my life in Ecuador. I consider it my home. Now I’m in my second year at IE University, studying the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence and living in Madrid.

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Tomas Vintimilla | IE University

“The opportunity to study in Segovia for a year then move to Madrid for the next three years is really unique. It made the transition process much easier for me.”

Tomas Vintimilla

Pursuing a passion for technology

Tomas chose to come to IE University following his visit in 2018. He quickly fell in love with the vibrant city of Madrid, as well as the university itself. Considering himself to be an inquisitive individual, he wanted to combine his curiosity with his passion for technology and innovation, landing on a degree in computer science. Tomas knew IE University was the place for him and so far, he has loved every second.

Beginning his program at the Segovia campus, Tomas’ first year helped him adapt and make the transition to living in Madrid for the next three years of his program. While they are two very different cities, Tomas finds that they complement each other well.

During his time at IE University, Tomas has become involved with sports. In Segovia, he was a member of the futsal team, which built upon his competitive spirit, gave him a routine and introduced him to many new people. The futsal team was a stepping stone to the Madrid IEU White Football Team, where he plays today. The regular training sessions and matches have helped him reestablish a routine and manage his time effectively.

Beyond team sports, Tomas is also a keen mountain climber. Coming from Ecuador, home to the beautiful Andes Mountains, he has explored places he never would’ve imagined. Now in Madrid, Tomas often gets out of the city to explore his natural surroundings as much as he can.

Aside from his sporting commitments, Tomas also likes to get involved with clubs that relate to his program, as they help him to develop both personally and professionally. Tomas feels that he is constantly being encouraged to look for initiatives and activities that will boost his career prospects—and at IE University, there are plenty of resources to find these opportunities. Confident that he’ll graduate with a lot of useful experience, Tomas values this kind of support and believes it will be a valuable asset for catching the eye of recruiters.

In his free moments, Tomas spends time playing the guitar. Having played since he was a child, he tries to play it every chance he gets. He’s also interested in Formula 1 and looks forward to race days every week. As the automotive world fascinates him deeply, he hopes to work in a related role at some point in the future, taking his technological knowledge into the industry. With a constant stream of new innovations, such as self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, Tomas believes the need for technological and computing skills have never been more important—not just in automotives, but across all industries.

In the short term, he is looking for summer internships to gain some experience before venturing into the world of work. Having already started to make the most of the opportunities available through IE Talent & Careers, Tomas’ professional path is certainly off to a strong start.  We wish him all the best for the bright future ahead of him!