Victor Haymann- Student Story Bachelor in Business Administration | IE University

Victor Haymann

About me

Before moving to Madrid to study BBA at IE University at the age of only 17, I had lived in Paris for my entire life. Ever since arriving here, I never want to leave! Madrid offers so much potential for students—from amazing gastronomy to welcoming people—and I believe it to be one of the best cities for students in the world. Personally, I consider myself to be an entrepreneur, having founded two successful businesses during my time at IE University and completed several internships at top companies. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and drinking a cerveza or two in the city with friends. I am now in my final year of my program and will be sad to leave IE University and Madrid behind.

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Victor Haymann- Student Story Bachelor in Business Administration | IE University

"My experience at IE University has been tremendous."

Victor Haymann

Life as a student entrepreneur

With a passion for the world of business, Victor found studying a Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University to be a life-changing decision. Not only has he gained the necessary knowledge and skills to equip him as a young professional in the field of business, but the experience has allowed him to build a network of like-minded people from across the globe. Studying at IE University in Madrid for four years has given Victor the opportunity to improve his English and to learn Spanish as well! These newly acquired language skills have both widened his horizons as a business entrepreneur, and allowed him to make many international friends.

For Victor, attending classes at IE University was a pleasure, thanks to the knowledgeable members of staff who guided him on his academic journey. Always open for a discussion and ready to share advice, Victor was able to pursue projects with the support of his teachers and pursue several internships. At the end of his first year, he landed a placement with Louis Vuitton. At the end of his third year, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, he was granted an internship with Terra Capital, a real-estate firm in Madrid—which was founded by two IE University graduates, Fouad Mallat and Bella Von Ullman.

An entrepreneur at heart, Victor invested much of his time at IE University developing his career in business. During his first year of undergraduate study, he founded a successful company selling clothing and leather goods. This venture gave Victor the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, putting into practice the knowledge he had acquired during his studies about the laws of trading, supply chains and even marketing.

In his second year, he formed an event planning business alongside his classmate Nicolas Butin. Thanks to the practical knowledge he gained during these ventures, and the academic support at IE University, the company is now celebrating its two-year anniversary, having organized hundreds of events across both Madrid and Paris. In spite of the blow that COVID-19 brought to the hospitality industry, Victor worked with the Comunidad de Madrid to continue to organize events safely throughout the difficulties of the pandemic.

In his free time, Victor has taken part in several extra-curricular activities. For example, he recently ran as a presidential candidate during the Student Government elections. Although another student ended up winning, the tremendous experience provided Victor with the opportunity to meet people from throughout the IE Community, networking with various clubs, sports teams and staff members. To relax after all this hard work, Victor enjoys playing tennis or padel—a sport which he picked up during his time in Madrid. On the weekends, after spending a long week studying and working on his business projects, you will most likely catch Victor in a bar in the city, spending time with friends.

As Victor is in his final year of his program, he is now caught up in planning for his future career. He is currently looking to study a master’s in entrepreneurship in Paris, and hopes to continue developing his business plans in the future. With a passion for learning and a curious mind, Victor lives his life by the quote: “See more, learn faster.”