There are tons of opportunities for growth at IE University. There are over 120 clubs to join and over 1,000 events organized by students every year. That’s incredible.

Xinyu, China

Bachelor in Business Administration

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About me

I center my efforts around maximizing all that IE University has to offer. Whether it’s joining one of the 120 clubs offered, learning Spanish, or giving presentations to large groups, I am ensuring I am making the most of my opportunity to study here, which is hugely different to studying back home in China. I am very much interested in partaking in an exchange year next year where I will have further opportunities to experience new cultures and gain a wider global perspective. One of my biggest achievements thus far would have to be when my team and I won first prize in the Agora program last year. Most importantly, IE University has helped me to realize my potential and confirm my career goals and aspirations.

Xinyu , China


University Student

Despite Xlnyu having a rocky start to further education at another university, he soon came to find his true footing here at IE University. Since then, he has flourished into an ambitious and globally minded individual who has embraced IE University culture. Aware of all the opportunities that have been presented to him, Xlnyu has captured the heart of IE University’s vision and has plenty of experience to add to his resume, helping him stand out as a high-achieving individual. Most notable are his efforts to learn Spanish, showing his passion for languages and grasping an understanding of other cultures.

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